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Top Binary Options Broker - A Saturated Market

Top Binary Options Broker

The more we continue to look around in the binary options industry the more we discover just how saturated the market is in terms of the brokers. The rise in numbers is insane and largely due to the rapidly popularizing industry itself. If you keep up with what's happening, binary brokers are beginning to pop up in the most random places offering their services countries all over the globe. We found one broker who specializes in South African customers. Another focuses solely on Dutch customers. At this point, you name the country and there is likely a broker attempting to crack it. But with so many choices now, how can one even attempt to decide which is a top binary options broker and which are just the latest creation out of Israel?

The Trading Platform

The one thing over 95% of these brokers share in common is the actual trading platform itself. They all like to boast the latest and greatest features, often belittling their competition in the process but the truth is simple. The vast majority of them operate using a white label software that is essentially identical to the next save for the differences in basic design and branding. So, realistically, the case many brokers make about choosing their service over that of another broker based solely on the trading platform is total nonsense. There is a section on our external blog that shows what these white label software packages look like. In many cases you can even find a broker who is too lazy to even change the generic 'About Us' section. If they can't even make that minor change, kind of gets you wondering just how capable they are of offering their 'trading services' to you. Read more about the binary trading platforms here.

The Customer Service

With so many binary options brokers in operation, you would think that a good number offer quality customer service. That couldn't be further from the truth. Most brokers are very aggressive and resort straight to a salespitch in the face of potential customer clients. Many will attempt to get you signed up and depositing to get a call from one of their 'account managers' who will tell you all you need to know. Many are very inexperienced and most are low paid outsourced workers serving on the front lines for that broker. There are however a couple of outstanding binary customer service examples out there and it's companies like these that should be sought out to deal with. With hundreds of brokers now in operation, you do not need settle for one that tries to constantly pressure you into depositing into your account nor do you need to accept that answers to your questions are hidden behind closed doors until you become a member. Read more about quality binary options service here.

The top binary options broker out there is one that is transparent and helpful. Believe it or not, those two traits are quite uncommon in the industry. If binary options trading is something you're interested in, the first thing to do is understand just how many brokers actually exist. Like anything, with a lot of options comes the ability to find one that offers what you need. The top binary options broker is going to be one that doesn't hardsell you into a trading account. They won't hide information behind the registration process. They will answer your questions and assist you without you needing an account because the good ones realize there is more to the business than just trying to coerce you in the door. For more information on the binary options industry, please take a look at our external blog. There is tons of information, articles and reviews that serves as a great starting point for those interested in this rapidly popularizing alternative investment vehicle.