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DCF Championship Update- Sorry For The Delay

I haven't updated my DCF Championship in a while and I apologize for that if anyone is following this.

I am still running numbers weekly, and I'll get everyone caught up when I catch myself up.

But I figured I'd give a quick update about what's going on:

First, and I realize this is a lame excuse, but I've been very busy at my day job and caring for my kids, so blogging time is at a premium.

Second, I have made several significant changes to the methodology (I am now using Finviz instead of Yahoo! finance, for one), and I feel obligated to get the methodology section updated before posting any more results. Otherwise the numbers would be misleading.

Third, since I have been doing this a couple of months, I am able to look at actual performance relative to the valuations. I'm finding something interesting, but it is not exactly what I expected.

Basically, investing in stocks that are priced lower than their calculated DCF fair valuation has not been a particularly effective strategy. -BUT- investing in stocks whose DCF valuation has increased in the previous week has shown some promise as a strategy.

So, I'm (slowly) working on reconfiguring the presentation to reflect this.

Plus, I'm not sure anyone is reading this.

When I get things figured out, I'm working on putting everything on a Google site.