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I was a Financial Advisor and worked at Morgan Stanley. I have 3 Graduate Degrees In Finance and Economics. I am daily in tune with the markets around the world From Stocks Bonds Options Currencies Commodities Futures and had licenses to trade for others and now I trade and invest for myself... More
  • THE STATUS QUO HAS TO GO - Americas Tipping Point 2 comments
    Nov 5, 2011 3:40 PM | about stocks: DBC, DBA, GLD, IAU, REMX, SLV, AGQ, SIVR, EDC, NUGT, GDX, SPXU, SSO
    The Hoover Dam was built in 1936. It produces over 4 BILLIONkw of electricty a YEAR. 70 years later and a QUANTUM LEAP in technology we are still using the same Old Crap! These numbers are DISGRACEFUL. People must keep in mind that this is also the holiday seasons where employment number would come up a hair so it's not real Rocket Science. There is no chart anyone can show me that will predict the future. The bottom line is America needs an overhaul. A REAL GAME CHANGER. Americas Corporations have TRILLIONS on the side lines for "Uncertainty". One thing is certain is Government and Private Sector need to get together and put America back together or we will have our own Greek Tragedy! We have had this debate of this ridiculous 4% increase in taxes that lead to the downgrade in our Country. Unemployment is still at record levels, the government is Floored with CORRUPTION and until we fundamentally fix our problems here at home nothing will change. It will keep us right here with a divided Nation, Social Unrest, high unemployment, record foreclosures, banks not lending. American Corporations that were founded and built during the Industrial Revolution are being run by BaBy Boomers who pinch pennies for quarterly earnings with no long term view on the horizon. A 4% tax increase is the LEAST of our problems and there is no Question that OUR American Corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to invest here at home. We are loosing ground so fast before our eyes! If the founders of half these companies that are now publicly traded were still alive I would assure you half the CEOs would be fired. Eisenhower and or Roosevelt would have had the other half locked up as Communists. We do not need a jobs bill or paint a bridge. We need a National Smart Grid Infrastructure Plan like The Manhattan Project. We are still talking about going from one liquid gold of oil to another liquid gold of nat gas which is great and should be PART of a solution. The day China no longer needs us they can dump our debt on the open market and we would be a 3rd world country overnight paying 20 dollars for a gallon of gas. Not only is America giving them the technology we are paying them to do it with nothing in return coming back to the states but cheap products. They have stolen Intellectual Property Rghts, Piracy and NO Economist can answer the question that the TRILLIONS it will cost us in the future in lost revenues and American Jobs when they turn the tides and compete against us. Their own Government uses Oracles software, only difference is they copied it and made it their own. Great! China is investing 10 times more in Renewables than we are because they have a long term outlook. Our politicians long term outlook is their next election our our Corporations long term outlook is there next quarterly earnings report. The durations of recovery in unemployment from our recessions are getting longer and longer to the point these numbers are outright scary and I worked on Wall Street. Any Economist or Analyst with 1/2 a brain will tell you that. We need real Change and Leadership. Corporate America owns our government and they are the ones who really dictate Policy. That has to go to or eventually The American People will do it for them. We need to invest in America. WE THE PEOPLE make up 70% of GDP! You don't bite the hand that feeds you! Corporate America has a MORAL obligation. Our Founding Fathers would have called it DUTY! China has one interest and that is to be the largest economy in the world. What do you think they
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  • The_American
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » President Eisenhower saw this coming & warned us to "NEVER let our Corporations sway our political interests & views in Our VAST INDUSTRIAL MILITARY COMPLEX" 50 + Years Ago he saw this coming & this was he's outgoing speech. Now 50+ Years later & LOOK where we are & Look at What We Are Witnessing.
    Our Government is Broken & Dysfunctional. They argue over 4% tax increase with NO discussion of Education, Innovation, R&D which is what made America great along with manufacturing.
    Steve Jobs an American Icon who will be in Our History books actually worked with these components & that's what we are missing.
    The CEO of Dow Chemical said it best is the people who are manufacturing & making these products are going to be the ones who make the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation of products!
    Our Government is putting 800 NEW laws on the books every year for over 10 Years! Do the math & they wonder why they are not seeing International Investment & we have had an inefficient government policy making.
    Many countries are trying to get out of the dollar.
    The S&P has gone nowhere in 10 years, in fact Art has brought a better return than stocks. It was on the Kudlow Report.
    We NEED to get off OIL & we start manufacturing again and use some type of Model of Germany and build upon and look at our BIGGEST PICTURE.
    Ex. Boeing, GE signs a multi Billion Dollar Deal with the Chinese it will only be ONCE. You will NEVER see it come back again because China which is the market we all want to be in saves themselves 100s of Billions in R&D and got Modern Technology for Pennies on the USD. This has given then a great foundation for their Innovation & Education. The best part is they are getting U.S & EU technology which is the best of both worlds. Do not discount European Engineers.
    Unless Corporations Unite or relocate their short term profits will lead to Long Term Losses & The worst part is we have REAL iceos who are running Americas largest Corporations who pinch pennies for their quarterly earnings with absolutely no accountability & at this point the Real Founders of these Corporations are rolling in their graves and they should have a Fidicuary & Moral Obligation to Invest in the place whence they came is The United States of America.
    If this Status Quo Does NOT Go Their will Eventually be a Revolution.
    We have CORRUPTION between our Politicians & Corporations right in ALL of our faces that is KILLING America and its People. AA is under 10 dollars and US Steel is at 25-28 dollars, GE at 18 etc. Believe me the list goes on. That is "The Law of Dimishing Returns"
    Do you think Jeff Immelt cares about America?
    Do you think Larry Ellison cares about America? Although he did get back Americas World Cup in Yacht Racing.
    I have not seen one patriotic Billionaire do our contribute anything in the U.S. where they created their wealth for the exception of Warren Buffet investing into FSLR. KKR has even dipped it's toe into Renewables
    We need A REAL GAME CHANGER & DO THE IMPOSSIBLE & Common Sense Solutions!
    That's what America was all about yet I have yet to see anything great happen.
    Now we have the can't can't do attitude. If the status quo stays in my opinion buy GLD as preservation of wealth because America may never be the same.
    Buying Gold & Silver Miners this year and I think you would do just fine. Picking investments is easy. I out did Paulson & Soros. They just use other people's money. Give me a Billion and I'll show you some returns.
    6 Jan 2012, 06:00 AM Reply Like
  • Jade Queen
    , contributor
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    I agree with most of what you say, except I don't think it is going to be smart grid. People were joking about wanting a dumb grid after the hurricane. I think we will have islandable micro-grids (which cute phrase I got from Amory Lovins). Thanks for the post.
    3 Dec 2012, 10:56 PM Reply Like
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