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The DIA ETF: Today's EchovectorVEST QEV And FEVQEV Trading Ranges Are Fully Confirmed.

Presented is a chart of the key QEV's (Quarterly Echovectors) for the DIA ETF for key EBD's (EchoBackDates) in this quarterly price cycle.

This chart indicates how today's forecasted echovector trading range (FEV trading range) for today's key QEVs at today's open [yesterday's closing QEV EBD close to yesterday's close {yellow}, and today's opening QEV EBD close to yesterday's close {light orange}] have been fully confirmed {spaced-yellow and spaced-orange, (QEVFEVs)}.

Incidentally, the Weekly Price High on the QEV for this week {blue} and its coordinate and parallel forecast low, FEV low {blue-space} for this week, has also been fully confirmed. Review of a weekly OHLC chart for this quarter will further highlight illustrate this particular quarterly echovector weekly price phenomena confirmation.

The presented chart illustrates a powerful forecast technology for those versed in vector physics and mathematics, Fourier transformations, and fractal geometries.

This illustrative and geometric presentation of the key vector extractions from the analytical approach processes are offered to the discerning analyst.

Further powerful forecast implications and additional echovectorvest methodology utilizations embedded within this presentation are offered for discovery and interpretation to the discerning reader.

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DIA ETF 100-Day Hourly OHLC

With QEVs and QEVFEVs for Key EchoBackDates and EchoBackPoints

Within the Current Quarterly Cycle Perspective

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