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2013 Hong Kong Registered Company Benefits Share

In 2013, the import and export companies become more active, the people of Hong Kong Company Formation came a new high. Advantage of Hong Kong registered company:

1.Enhance their visibility and international status, the creation of the Hong Kong brand, enhance the competitiveness of their products;

2.Established procedure is simple and fast, low-cost, low barriers to entry;

3.Open foreign currency accounts, flexible transfer of funds, no exchange controls, to facilitate exchange earnings sink;

4.Business and operations can be carried out in Hong Kong and any countries and regions;

5.Available in the world's major banks to open foreign currency accounts;

6.Not operating in Hong Kong would not have to pay taxes, a reasonable reduction in the corporate tax expenditures, the rapid accumulation of capital;

7.Hong Kong International logistics, transshipment, re-export, transit, assembly centers and other advantages;

8.Limited debt, operational risks in no way involve the private property of shareholders;

9.The name of the Hong Kong company to make investments, and enjoy the state preferential policies.

Offshore companies this particular form of business organization has played an important role in the international tax planning, international investment, international trade, property protection and other forms of commercial operations.

1, tax planning --- tax savings,One of the most practical use of offshore companies to SMEs lies in international tax planning, that is, tax savings!All offshore jurisdictions have varying degrees of the provisions of the exemption from income tax, capital gains tax, company tax and stamp duty payable.

2, act as middlemen --- very useful for domestic trade companies and SOHO,Do not want or the right to import and export trading company, as well as individuals to do foreign trade, foreign direct contact with domestic supply vendors (and vice versa, unwilling to supply vendors), set up by middlemen.

4.Beyond the control of foreign exchange, freedom of the transfer of funds.Doing international trade, whether imported or exported, the freedom of receipt and payment of foreign exchange is crucial.Offshore account that is equivalent to open accounts in foreign banks, rather than the local Chinese account, you can freely from offshore accounts to transfer funds, and is not limited by the laws of China, and not by the Banking Bureau and the Administration of Foreign Exchange Management.

5.Resolve commission or collection and paymentMany customers take advantage of offshore companies set up offshore accounts to solve business or personal (NASDAQ:SOHO) commission, or the collection and payment problems. Using offshore accounts belonging to the characteristics of the nature of offshore accounts to avoid the domestic foreign exchange control, more convenient master funds.