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  • The Daily Market Information (DMI) (Nov. 1, 2014, Saturday)
    ABOUT The DMI (Daily Market Information)Investing is a zero-sum game, meaning when one guy gains, the other guy must lose. In order to win, what must we do? The DMI might help you to have an edge over the other guys. There is too much market information on SA, TV, Newspapers, magazines, etc. The... More »
    Today, 5:57 AM
  • The Daily TANER Momentum (DTM) (Oct. 31, Friday) (II)
    The TANER ETF Model (TEM), The TANER Stock Model (TSM), The TANER Rotation Model (TRM), and The TANER Vanguard Model (TVM]), were introduced in my article. Link: Daily TANER Momentum (DTM) (Oct. 31, Friday)TANER Momentum ™ List on Oct. 31, Friday... More »
    Today, 5:35 AM
  • ATPartnerships Still Trading Gold. Why Aren't You?
    A friend of mine recently introduced me to ATPartnerships. This is an Australian firm that specializes in trading gold, crude oil and forex for their clients. Yes, there is still money to be made in commodities and some companies actually specialize doing just that.At the moment, the gold market... More »
    Yesterday, 9:13 PM GLD, GDX, GDXJ
    Stocks have rallied back powerfully; the announcement that the Board of Japan would continue its insane policy of spending tomorrow's money to preserve today's debt only added fuel to the bull camp.More weakening of the Japanese Yen today seems to guarantee more turmoil in the far eastern... More »
    Yesterday, 8:34 PM
  • Banc Of California: Bought 100 Shares At $11.7
    Snapshot of Trade:(click to enlarge)Closing Price Date of Trade: BANC: $11.77 -0.08 (-0.68%)Company Description: Banc of California claims to be the tenth largest lender in California with over $4 billion in assets and more than 80 banking locations. The bank has 18 locations in Southern... More »
    Yesterday, 8:22 PM BANC, Regional Bank Basket Strategy
  • Why I Am Still Bearish On UNH.
    Last week I started betting against UNH, and I currently own March 90 puts. I do intend to add to this position in the event that this stock rolls over. And although the stock has moved higher since I entered my position, I am still very bearish on this stock.Here's why.With the current... More »
    Yesterday, 7:51 PM UNH, stock market, elections
  • The Answer For AstraZeneca & Targacept!
    What Can Targacept & AstraZeneca Do Next?Although the two companies are vastly different in size and scope, the reasons that Targacept(NASDAQ:TRGT) and AstraZeneca(NYSE:AZN) entered and continued in a scientific research relationship for nine years are yet present and viable.The reasons are... More »
    Yesterday, 7:18 PM AZN, CTIX, MO
  • Two New Breakthrough Humanized Monoclonal Antibody-Based Drugs
    Humanized monoclonal antibodies are lab-engineered antibodies developed from non-human species that have been used to treat various degenerative diseases for the past few years. From arthritis to cancer therapeutics, humanized monoclonal antibodies have proven effective in improving patients'... More »
    Yesterday, 7:12 PM CYDY, Health Care, Biotechnology
  • Why Samsung Should Get Into The Electric Vehicle Business
    Disclosure: Samsung has made no indication that they are to enter the automotive market as an OEM. This is purely speculation on my part.BackgroundLong time Samsung Chairman, Lee Kun-Hee, once wanted Samsung (SSNLF) to be a major force in the automotive market. He believed that "this would... More »
    Yesterday, 6:05 PM SSNLF, TSLA, SCTY
  • Join Me At The Money Show Convention In Las Vegas
    The next MoneyShow convention is being held November 19-22 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I will be speaking at 8:30 am. on Thursday, November 20.Here is a copy of my kiosk for the show: Thomsett-kiosk-lowMy topic is "Candlesticks for Technical Analysis - Beating the Averages." This... More »
    Yesterday, 5:15 PM