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  • U.S. Mint Sales Surprisingly Favor Silver
    It is time to take a look at the U.S. Mint sales of gold and silver again to see if we can get some interesting conclusions out of it. We know that the U.S. Mint sales are a good proxy for global gold and silver investment demand.Here is the data:(click to enlarge)Chart 1: U.S. Mint gold and... More »
    Today, 4:47 AM GLD, SLV
  • Worse Week Ever For Stocks
    Here we are facing the worst week I have ever seen for stocks using my spiral forecast. On top of that we have the astrological Cardinal Cross. More earthquakes this last week, and another event that had to do with the sea (Korean Ferry). Situation in Ukraine will get worse. Other aggression/war... More »
    Yesterday, 11:51 PM SPY
  • Economy Shocker! Jobless Claims Fall To 7 Year Low... HOORAY!
    The mainstream media came out with article after article last week (April 17, 2014) about how jobless claims have fallen to a 7 year low. Jobless claims have not been this low since before the Great Recession.I challenge that jobless claims falling is actually the opposite of good news. It's bad... More »
    Yesterday, 10:16 PM
  • Hot Trading Opportunities In Twitter (TWTR) & New IPO Weibo Corp (WB)
    Weibo (WB) Had An Auspicious Trading DebutOn Thursday, 4/17/14, Weibo Corporation (WB) came to the market at $17.00 and began its first (partial) day of trading. After opening at a weaker than expected $16.27, it soon hit a high of $24.48, a pop of 50%. It then fell back to earth, closing at... More »
    Yesterday, 9:44 PM TWTR, WB
  • Why The S&P 500 Can Move Higher
    Several Market Technicians have been rather vociferous of late in characterizing the chart action as a gradual topping pattern in the equity indices. Clearly, the NASDAQ index is in worse technical shape than that depicted in the S&P 500 chart below. It feels like tough going for the S&P... More »
    Yesterday, 9:00 PM SPY, QQQ, market trend
  • Trading Tips For Monday, 4/21/2014
    Fotetah Inc. provides daily stock recommendations based on advanced predictive analytics and pattern analysis.The top stock picks are delivered to our subscribers daily. Join us and subscribe to start receiving these profitable trades daily for less than a dollar a day.Below is a sample of trade... More »
    Yesterday, 8:02 PM CYH, ENH, RNR
  • ETF Blog 4/21: The Bottom Is Probably In!
    Market Moving News (Summary of 15 Articles)The economy is best summarized by the Beige Book report: Economic growth is positive but not particularly strong and inflation is not a threat.Retail sales grew 1.1 percent in March after rebounding 0.7 percent in February (originally up 0.3 percent).... More »
    Yesterday, 7:53 PM IWM, IYT, IAI
  • Gold And Silver - Gann, Cardinal Grand Cross, A Mousetrap, And Wrong Expectations.
    Saturday 19 April 2014W D Gann has long been recognized as an astute market trader, and followers of Gann have been trying to figure out his genius. The best way to describe how he made so many successful market calls is, in a word, astrology. Having died in 1955, we did not know him, but we... More »
    Yesterday, 6:30 PM Gold, GLD, Silver
  • The Gold Mining ETF (GDX) Should Be A Buy At $22.15 To $22.40; NUGT A Buy At $28 To $30
    When June Gold futures bounced off $1280 support recently, and then moved back above $1300, I mentioned in Stock Talk how some were calling for another down turn in gold once gold retraced to $1332, and I was agreeing with that assessment. June gold stopped going up at $1331.40 and then turned... More »
    Yesterday, 5:50 PM GDX, DUST, NUGT
  • The Daily TANER Momentum (DTM)
    The TANER ETF Model (TEM), The TANER Stock Model (TSM), The TANER Rotation Model (TRM), and The TANER Vanguard Model (TVM]), were introduced in my article. Link: Daily TANER Momentum (DTM) (April 21, Monday)TANER Momentum ™ List on April 21, Monday... More »
    Yesterday, 4:17 PM