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  • DYAX Sell Signals
    I removed Dyax (DYAX) from the Barchart Van Meerten New High portfolio for negative price momentum:Barchart technical indicators: 56% Barchart technical sell signalsTrend Spotter sell signalBelow it's 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages38.13% off its recent highRelative Strength Index 35.26%
    Today, 3:25 PM DYAX
  • BullionBuzz ENewsletter | Feature: Gold Is On A One-Way Trip To China
    Read this week's BullionBuzz | Feature: Gold Is on a One-Way Trip to ChinaChina: Positive for Gold PriceMedia's Anti-Gold Tactics IneffectiveHold on to Your HatHidden Motive behind QEA Crisis vs. THE CrisisHousing Bubble Veers Toward Bust
    Today, 3:11 PM
  • Opinion: To Burst, Or Not To Burst... That Is The Question!
    Fred is a 14-year old boy standing in the mirror deciding whether his sophomore crush is more likely to notice a white head or a red dot in geography class...Although the healthy choice for Fred's skin would be to leave the white head alone and let it naturally subside (perhaps dousing it in... More »
    Today, 2:55 PM Federal Reserve, Fed, Bubble
  • Should You Invest In This Unloved Sector?
    Putting his contrarian hat on, MoneyShow's Tom Aspray wonders whether it might make sense now to jump into this sector that has undergone significant corrections since its all-time high in 2011.It looks as though the earnings season may be much better than the dour forecasts from analysts just a... More »
    Today, 2:55 PM GDX, GDXJ, AU
  • A Cannabis Stock Risk Management Tool - Part 2
    BackgroundI presented two indicators last week that investors in the cannabis industry can use as risk management and investment tools. The two indicators are· Ayrot Cannabis Index ® (a stock index consisting of 19 equally weighted Cannabis stocks)· Ayrot Cannabis Retail... More »
    Today, 2:36 PM AVNE, CANV, CBDS
  • 5 Great Mid Caps
    Today I used Barchart to sort the S&P 400 Mid Cap Index stocks for the stocks with the best Barchart technical indicators. Next I used the Flipchart feature to review the charts. My list today includes Cimarex Energy (XEC), UGI Corp (UGI), Skyworks Solutions (SWKS), Superior Energy Services... More »
    Today, 2:19 PM XEC, UGI, SWKS
  • Novartis: A Strong And Innovative Company For Your Value Portfolio.
    Pharmaceutical market forecast for 2014-2018The global pharmaceutical market is entering a calmer business period in 2014. The uncomfortable pace of patent expirations which reached its peak in 2012 is abating now greatly. During this difficult period, the Big Pharma lost a total of $38 billion... More »
    Today, 2:17 PM NVS, long-ideas
  • Market Dragging Its Feet Today By Charles Payne
    By Jennifer CoombsEquity markets are taking a breather today after posting two consecutive days of encouraging gains. Ultimately though, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is floating along only slightly lower today, but is kept from dipping further thanks to positive earnings from Boeing (BA).... More »
    Today, 2:09 PM
  • U.S. Dollar Cost Of Funds Index, April 22, 2014
    (click to enlarge)The U.S. Dollar Cost of Funds Index measures the trade-weighted cost of funds for the largest deposit-taking U.S. bank holding companies. The index is a credit spread, measured in percent and updated daily, over the matched maturity U.S. Treasury yield on the same day. The... More »
    Today, 1:40 PM BAC, C, JPM
  • Small Business Lending Dips In 2013 As Big Banks Continue To Grow
    by Divya LullaA SNL Financial Exclusive(click to enlarge)Small nonfarm business loans at U.S. banks and thrifts stood at $582.65 billion at the end of 2013 - down 0.69% from $586.68 billion at the end of 2012.The decline was not, however, across the board. Total small business loans at banks... More »
    Today, 1:32 PM