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    MEXICO'S DEBT GUARANTEED BY UNITED STATES GOVERNMENTBy 1982, almost every Third-World government was running behind in payments. Mexico led the way by announcing it could not send any more money that year on its $85 billion debt. Federal Reserve Governor Henry Wallich rushed to Switzerland to... More »
    Today, 2:43 PM
    Tesla could produce cars with unlimited range, needing no external recharge. With revolutionary new technology, these cars will be able to power homes and businesses, as well as sell power to utilities when parked, eventually paying for themselves.These astonishing automobiles would catalyze... More »
    Today, 2:02 PM
  • Lifespan Of Corporations In S&P 500
    On December 4, 2014, the folks at (ZH) came out with a blurb titled "Here Is The Reason Why The Average Lifespan Of US Corporations Has Never Been Shorter". Overall, the ZH piece is another "…the end is nigh…" narrative that has been a consistent... More »
    Today, 11:57 AM SPY
  • Vision-Sciences Fell Off The Map
    Today I put in a sell order on Vision-Sciences (VSCI) in the Barchart Van Meerten Speculative portfolio for poor price momentum:Barchart technical indicator: 56% Barchart technical sell signalsTrend Spotter sell signalBelow its 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages58.86% below its recent... More »
    Today, 10:56 AM VSCI
  • Transportation Sector Update Of 12-26-14
    Why is KSU the only stock in the sector with a negative total return in this sector in 2014? I have more stocks on my radar than I can keep up with when it comes to news and growth stories. I do not know that story behind this. I am hoping for input from you guys. My best guess -- KSU entered... More »
    Today, 10:43 AM
  • @CL.1 Wti Crude $OIL - $40 Or $80. OIL
    We can talk inventories, Russia, Saudi Arabia, production quotas, OPEC, etc., or we can look at charts, price, Linear Regression, and Bollinger Bands. Finally TA and Macro views.CNBC wti crude @CL.1 - CL/G5 exp Feb. 15, 54.73 -1.11 (-1.99%)Looking at 6MO/DAY chart ~ predictive time frame ~ we... More »
  • The Daily Market Information (DMI) (Dec. 27, 2014, Saturday)
    ABOUT The DMI (Daily Market Information)Investing is a zero-sum game, meaning when one guy gains, the other guy must lose. In order to win, what must we do? The DMI might help you to have an edge over the other guys. There is too much market information on SA, TV, Newspapers, magazines, etc. The... More »
    Today, 10:30 AM
  • Raytheon Just Keeps Growing
    I wrote an article on Raytheon last year Raytheon New Contracts make it a buy! Since that time, the growth rate had slowed down in 2014. Recently, with geopolitical instability and crashing oil prices, this trend has turned around:(click to enlarge)The forward P/E ratio is 15.77, while the PEG... More »
    Today, 10:12 AM RTN, Defense
  • Money And Emotions
    Possibly the most difficult aspect of successful market timing is dealing with our emotions. Like oil and water, money and emotions do NOT mix.There is nothing wrong with emotions of course. A good love story can fill the eyes with tears. Injustice can fill your heart with anger, and a job well... More »
    Today, 10:06 AM market timing
  • The Daily TANER Momentum (DTM) (Dec. 29, Monday) (I)
    The TANER ETF Model (TEM), The TANER Stock Model (TSM), The TANER Rotation Model (TRM), and The TANER Vanguard Model (TVM]) The TANER Charles Schwab Model (TWM), were introduced in my article. Daily TANER Momentum (DTM) (Dec. Dec. 29,... More »
    Today, 10:02 AM