• U.S. Futures Strengthen as Eurozone Indicia Improve
    This morning.  U.S. equity markets are in correction.  All major indexes closed below their 200-day moving averages.  Also, the NYSE composite and Nasdaq closed below their respective 20-, 50-, and 100-day moving averages. The SPX also closed below its 20- and 50-day... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011 BAC, GS
  • Quad Witching Expiration, Expect Early Volatility
    This morning, the S&P 500 index e-mini futures (ES Z1) are trading higher by 9.00 points to 1227.00 per contract. While the markets are starting higher before the opening bell, it is important to note that the markets started higher yesterday as well and later rolled over. Today is quadruple... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • Top 10 Bear Stock Market Investing Tips
    1. Find Undervalued Stocks - Stock market investing in a bear market can be tricky because the entire market seems to be on the decline. Look for undervalued stocks which have a price lower than the anticipated stock value in the near future. If the company is solid and shows promise but... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • Long-Term Markets Forecast Outlook
    Precious Metals, Equities & Oil Long Term Outlook By the GoldAndOilGuy It’s that time of year again and I’m not talking about the holiday season… What I am talking about is another major market correction which has been starting to unfold over the past couple weeks. I... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: USD, EUR & GBP New Trading Week Outlook
    In the broadcast today: USD, EUR & GBP New Trading Week Outlook. As we wrap up a week which has brought bearish breakouts in the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD currency pairs, we focus on the EUR, the USD and the GBP as the currencies in the spotlight during the trading week ahead filled with... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011 DIA, EEA, GBB
  • Is It The Action or Something Else?
    Daily State of the Markets Friday Morning - December 16, 2011 Good Morning. Yesterday's headlines certainly sounded encouraging: "Stocks gain on U.S. Economic Data." At first blush, there are two positives in that headline. First, the "stocks gain" part is certainly... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • StreetOne Technical Analysis, LLC Market Summary 12/16/2011
    Market SummaryDavid Chojnacki S1F Market TechnicianA mixed session yesterday, but the major indices were able to at least halt the three day losing streak. The DJIA and the S&P had slight gains while the Nasdaq100 lost just 6 points. Breadth was only slightly positive, 1.7 to 1, on... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • Stryker Corp. (SYK) Dividend Stock Analysis
    Linked here is a detailed quantitative analysis of Stryker Corp (SYK). Below are some highlights from the above linked analysis: Company Description: Stryker Corp. makes specialty surgical and medical products such as orthopedic implants, endoscopic items and hospital beds. Continue Reading »
    Dec. 16, 2011 SYK, SNN, ZBH
  • Dealing with a DUI in Denver
    If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance and charged for the first time, you don’t need to be told what a humiliating and scary experience a DUI can be. After the initial arrest and trip to jail, however, a DUI charge can have a devastating... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011
  • Stock pick for 12/16/2011
    Stock pick for 12/16/2011  Dear traders,I didn’t find many ideas where I will bring trading plan before the open. I think that short side is higher risk and only what we could get is possible intraday short side only for day trade. I’m not ready to take swing short trade because... More »
    Dec. 16, 2011