• An Update on Rhodium
    I was recently interviewed by Daniela Cambone of Kitco News, a boutique firm specializing in the online research and trading of metals. I have known the Kitco people for a long time and they are one of the class acts in the hard asset arena. To summarize, I think that rhodium (symbol XRHO in... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • GDP is Another Bucket of Cold Water
    Another bucket of cold water was thrown on financial markets on Friday with the shocking release of Q2 GDP of 1.3%. The whisper number prior to the release was at 1.9%, and even this figure is far short of the Federal Reserve’s GDP forecast for 2011 of 3.0%. Keep in mind that these are... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • Who is AA+?
    Consider that over the past 40 years, the purchasing power of the US (and Canadian and most European) currency has fallen by more than 95%, the question is not “why did S&P lower the rating on the US national debt by one notch”, but “why has the S&P not lowered its... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011 SPY
  • BlackSWan - Week in Review
    Monday, August 1st - Can Australia Overcome Adversity?The Australian dollar has done very well lately and over the last couple years. Why? Well, because it's been a go-to currency to capture yield . in a global environment of extremely low yields. The Australian economy has performed well based... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • Weekly RS Recap
    The table below shows the performance of a universe of mid and large cap U.S.equities, broken down by relative strength decile and quartile and then compared to the universe return.  Those at the top of the ranks are those stocks which have the best intermediate-term relative strength.... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • A message to Wallstreet and Bank of America
    Since the volatility of 2008 Bank of America (formerly Bank of Italy) was given billions of tax payer money to provide loans. They did provide loans but not to the degree with which was thought. They acquired Merrill Lynch and Countrywide and then repackaged those residential MBS to other... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011 BAC
  • WATCh&enjoy MontpellierWATCh Montpellier vs Leicester Tigers Rugby TV free
    Montpellier vs Leicester Tigers live match is an International Rugby Event to be held on 8th August 2011. The Challenge Vaquerin Rugby event of Montpellier vs Leicester Tigers from European Union will take on Monday from 18:00 until 20:00 GMT. All kind of International Rugby Events, like June... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • 8-8-2011: S&P 500 Downgrade, Jobs Report
    It’s Monday, August 8th, 2011, and as I write, the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq are all down 2.85%, 3.31%, and 3.5%, respectively.  Following S&P’s downgrade of U.S. debt, the markets dumped risky assets and fled to “safe haven” assets such as gold and ironically... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011
  • 2 stock to sell
    Recently I had to delete 2 stocks from my Wall Street Survivor portfolio for very negative price momentum and Barchart technical sell signals.Gildan Active Wear (GIL) Barchart technical sell signals:  96% Barchart technical sell signalsTrend Spotter sell signalsBelow its 20,... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011 GIL, TECH
  • Friday’s Iron Ore Stocks Trading ; MEA, GGB, FEO, TRKP
    Friday’s Iron Ore Stocks Trading ; MEA, GGB, FEO, TRKP Point Roberts WA- Aug. 08 2011 ( Mining Newswire) –, a leader in sector research for investors including mining and resource  stocks, issues a trading alert  for iron ore stocks... More »
    Aug. 8, 2011 TRKP, GGB, MEA