• (HANS, JAH, CRWE, KOP, FRX) Stock to Watch by
    Stock-PR Reporting   FREE Daily Stock Alerts From Hansen Natural Corporation (Nasdaq:HANS) announced that its Board of Directors has authorized a new share repurchase program for the repurchase of up to $250 million of the Company's outstanding common stock. As of October 5,... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011
  • Gold Miners Dip, What Does This Mean?
    This morning, the leading gold mining stocks are declining lower. It seems that gold and the leading gold mining stocks have begun to trade right along with the major stock market indexes once again. If you look at the popular Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (NYSE:GDX) you will see that the GDX... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011 GDX, AUY, NEM
  • Was The S&P500's October 4 1074.77 Low A Lasting Bottom?
    Since the S&P500 highs of early May and early July I have written a variety of posts warning of what I considered cautionary signs for the stock market.  Currently of critical importance to stock market investors is whether the October 4 S&P500 low of 1074.77 represents a... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011
  • Will the Financials Sustain the Green Rally?
    Financials tend to be the most impacted by the European debt issues and domestic debt developments because the problem stems from the nation’s banks. Read the article here:Will the Financials Sustain the Green Rally?
    Oct. 13, 2011 BAC, JPM, C
  • Thursday DOOM!
    Do not miss the example of solar power actually being practical and *working* at the end of Monty's post. It's one of the very few times it's
    Oct. 13, 2011
  • S&P and Euro near cycle top?
    The S&P daily McClellan Oscillator is at levels that have often indicated tops in recent years: The Euro is also hitting former support, that it is likely now resistance:
    Oct. 13, 2011 SPY, EUO, UUP
  • Barchart Morning Call 10/13
    Barchart Morning Call - 2 hrs ago Overnight Developments Global stocks this morning are mixed with the Euro Stoxx 50 down -1.11% and Dec S&Ps down -6.10 points. Treasuries and the dollar strengthened while stocks and commodities fell after the ECB said forcing investors to take... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011
  • Enbridge - ENB - Barchart Chart of the Day
    Barchart.coms Chart of the Day - Enbridge (ENB) Barchart Research Team - - Wed Oct 12, 6:14PM CDT Related Stocks ENB - Enbridge Inc Sym Last Chg Pct ENB 33.19 -0.23 -0.69% The "Chart of the Day" is Enbridge (ENB), which showed up on Wednesday's Barchart "All Time... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011 ENB
  • The Way It Is
    Psychologically speaking, it is much easier to buy overpriced things that are still going up in price then buy underpriced things that are still going down in price.That says it all.I thought we would see a lower bottom on all commodities.But the Global Elite turned the tide with the yuan... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011
  • Market Commentary For October 12, 2011
    The Markets have continued the trend begun on October 4th. The SPX hadrebounded over 120 points behind ever more consistent indications thatGermany and France are committed to backstop the European banks andsovereign debt crisis'. If we close above 1200 today that is a clearindicator that a... More »
    Oct. 13, 2011 OIL, GAS