• Euro crises....The END of Euro...
    Every day I watch one or the other country, belonging to European union, at risk of default and every time I say to myself that Euro currency will fall sooner or later.During late 1980s a few European nations (including England) had pegged their currency to Deutsche Mark. This arrangement helped... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011
  • NASDAQ 100 and SOX hold their 50-day SMAs
    The NASDAQ 100 (NDX) and Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX) held their 50-day simple moving averages at 2247 and 366.88 continuing and upside leadership role technically. The NASDAQ traded back and forth around its 50-day at 2602 closing Monday just above it. The other major averages lag... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011 TLT, GLD, DIA
  • FXall files for an IPO
    Estimated Valuation for FXall of $400 millionLeapRate’s Forex Industry News – Institutional Forex ECN FXall (or more formally, FX Alliance Inc.) filed yesterday for an IPO and a public listing of its common shares. FXall bills itself as “the leading independent global provider... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011 C, DB, FTGI
  • Inflation is the many splendoured thing, then!
    One cannot really manufacture inflation overnightAn op-ed in the New York Times doing the rounds on Twitter, mentions the great inflation argument seemingly now the lead in Bernanke's set of tools to stimulate underIN all the commentary about Ben S. Bernanke’s recent speech in Jackson... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011
  • Foreign Banks in India: The HSBC RBS Private Banking Sale
    RBS had committed to HSBC towards the sale of all its 31 branches and 100 retail / wealth staff to HSBC. It is yet questionable if HSBC could have absorbed all 1800 staff which continues to operate as ABN AMRO in the country since License transfers are a throny issue that from the point of view... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011 GS, ING, RBS
  • Going Offshore: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
    Go Offshore to Escape the Biggest Threats to Your Wealth We often hear people talk about diversifying their portfolios only to discover that what they mean is just diversification among shares of American companies or among real estate investments within the U.S.The time has come for financially... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011
  • Window of Opportunity Closing for Americans to Invest/Bank Overseas
    American Investors Looking to Diversity Internationally Need to Act Now. . . Before More Foreign Banks Decline U.S. ClientsWhy You Need to Care About the HIRE ActThe U.S. Government is about to make it more difficult than ever for Americans to hold assets anywhere outside the U.S.  The U.S.... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011
  • What Should Yahoo! Do Next? SELL? Well, there's Microsoft & LucidMedia, for starters
    What Should Yahoo! Do Next? This question has been put to a small number of knowledgible industry hierarchy at, today. 1st off was Chris Copeland (CEO, GroupM Search/WPP Group), who may well get the 'cigar' prize, with this part of his answer: "Where... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011
  • Stocks With Fastest Dividend Growth September 2011
    Fastest Dividend Growth Stocks by Dividend Yield – Stock, Capital, Investment. Here is a current sheet of companies with fastest dividend growth compared to the previous dividend declaration. The dividend growth is often a good indicator for the financial health of a stock. Companies with... More »
    Sep. 20, 2011 AVD, DDR, EPIQ
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    Sep. 20, 2011