• 6-16, Jobless Claims, Housing Starts
    The Dow climbed 64 points higher to close at 11,961 after the weekly unemployment claims report showed fewer than expected Americans filed for unemployment benefits.  Seasonally adjusted initial claims came in a 414,000 according to the labor department, down 16,000 from last week’s... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • mbkelly75 Master Screening Method
    Legendary poster mbkelly75 posted his screening method over a year ago. I am reposting it here to save for future reference: is a good question. This is where... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • Looksmart - The Quiet Achiever or, should that be, a (Quiet) Deceiver?
    Looksmart (LOOK) has been added to Russells' Microcap Index' , it seems? This would surely be another (recent) 'feather in the Looksmart Cap', no? We will see. If so, wouldn't the Co have been delighted & have advised it's shareholders of its being added? (But no, not Looksmart, apparently?)... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • Former Goldman Sachs Banker Become New ECB President
    Italian central banker and former Goldman Sachs employe,  Mario Draghi, has won the backing of EU leaders to become the next president of the European Central Bank (ECB) from the November. Draghi entered the spotlight when it became clear that Goldman Sachs was swapping Greek debt to cover... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • What's Behind the Morningstar Stock Ratings?
    2011 Stocks Forum and Investor Workshops October 13-14, Morningstar Global Headquarters, Chicago Morningstar Free Trial June 25, 2011 - What's Behind the Morningstar Stock Ratings? - by Morningstar Investment Research What are the key differences between your star ratings for mutual funds,... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
      I was asked the other day while in NYC about why the markets are so difficult right now. I pointed out the amount of redemptions taking place as a sign of something more important -- people have lost trust in the markets. They see it as rigged and only favoring insiders, some large... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011 SPY, QQQ, ORCL
  • Bernankenstein's Monster
    Interview with Lee Adler of Wall Street Examiner Introduction by Ilene Elliott, of PSW’s Stock World Weekly, and I began a series of interviews with Lee Adler, chief editor and market analyst at the Wall Street Examiner, on May 11, 2011. This is part 2. Lee's Wall Street Examiner... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • GBPUSD tests support, 24th June 2011
    Trading Setups / Chart in Focus: GBPUSD The GBPUSD consolidated today and formed an inside bar just above support near 1.5950. We can see the pair has fallen significantly lower this week and the 8 and 21 day EMA’s are diverging lower. We would look to sell any rallies back to value near... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011
  • Monetary Policy Week in Review - 25 June 2011
     The past week in monetary policy saw interest rate decisions from 9 central banks around the world.  Of those reviewing policy settings, only Uruguay adjusted its interest rate, +50bps to 8.00%.  The other 8 banks held their interest rates unchanged, those were: Hungary 6.00%,... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011 UDN, UUP, NORW
  • Fundamentals Matter
    I wrote yesterday that technicals looked OK and sentiment was bearish enough. Two indicators were pointing up (sentiment is always contrarian). But I don't see anything good in fundamentals. Most important of which:GOP offers us a choice between cancer and heart attackj, I mean between... More »
    Jun. 24, 2011