• How to Win the Waiting Game with Oil ETFs
    I have noticed a variety of short-term views on where we will find a bottom for oil this summer. A few weeks ago, I heard people saying $92 for WTI,  but then we get to $92 and now everyone is saying we could see $85. However, all of those same people talking and many other... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011 USO, UCO
  • The end of Wall Street Part I:
    "History repeats itself.  The first is tragedy the second is farce."  What is happening in "Greece" is not only far from unique it is now becoming apparent:  it's normative.  The question we must ask of course is:  "what is the impact on Wall... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011
  • Limelight Video Ads Co & Content Delivery Networks Joins Global Marketplace
    'Tappable pre-roll & post-roll in-stream video ads Co & content delivery network's Limelight Networks has announced, that its latest Limelight REACH Interactive platform now has 'approximately 1800 customers worldwide. We are also told that . Customers, who are now using Limelight's... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers hit by new GMP
    By Frank Chen, GBI AnalystOn March 1, 2011, the SFDA released its latest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which has been five years in the making. The new policy mandates immediate compliance for newly-built or expanded drug manufacturing facilities, while existing manufacturers of aseptic... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011
  • processing of barite ore
    Aside from the Upfront Deposit and ongoing payments, the Corporation is not required to contribute to any capital, exploration or operating expenditures in respect of the assets which are the subject of the Agreement. Terrex has provided the Corporation with a guarantee that Sandstorm will... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011
  • AAPL - What to Do???
    AAPL is a very tough stock to day trade and with this25 point channel trend it makes it even more difficult.As of the close Friday AAPL closed in the middle of the rangeand looks like it wants to go for the lower descending supportnear 310.00. A break below this support line could produce... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011 AAPL
  • VRUS - Short-
    Short trigger is below 106.30 covering half or more at 105.00.Below 105.00 should produce a short down to its 50 DMA and lowersupport line near 100/101.00. Keep a stop at 107.00
    Jun. 26, 2011 GILD
  • LDK - 2 Way Trade- Symmertical Triangle.
    2 way Trade!!!Short below 6.75 for a trade down to 1st target area 6.10. Below 6.00 next support is near 2nd target 5.00. Keep a stop at 7.00-Buy trigger is above 7.00 adding more above7.25 for a trade up to 1st target area 8.00.Swing traders look for a move back up to 10.00booking profits on... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011 LDK
  • WYNN - Code Red Alert- Short Trigger
    Code Red Alert!!!Short trigger is below130.22 for a quick trade down to 128.91 (double support area). A breakbelow this 128.91 should trigger a mega move downto next support area near its 200 DMA priced near117.00. This could be a multi-day sell off. Book profits on the way down and keep a... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011 WYNN
  • PHK - The NAV price action may tell us this decline could be for real
    Update 07/13/11:Looking at the price chart of PHK's NAV we can see that the 50 day simple moving average has crossed over the 200 day simple moving average at roughly 9.16, in effect signaling the so called "Death Cross" discussed below in my article of 6/26/10.I submit to the reader's... More »
    Jun. 26, 2011 PHK