• Yoox & Conafi Prestito
    Yoox spa is a global internet retailer of fashion & designer clothing brands. The company operates in more than 100 countries worldwide including major markets like United States, Europe and Japan. On 13th of July increased its offering by adding Dolce & Gabbana to its... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011 YXOXF
  • Tesco, Restore, Mulberry Group & Chemring Group
    Demand for bomb detection equipment ushered in a profits bonanza at Chemring Group in the first half of this year with sales other military products also remaining healthy. Despite the bumper demand, shares in the defence group have been on the wane since early June as traders fret... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011 TSCDF, CMGMF
  • Adtran Inc & EDB Ergogroup
    Despite releasing record results on 12th July, the market was not impressed with Adtran Inc. CEO, Tom Stanton, stated “Our Company had an outstanding quarter reaching new highs on multiple fronts”. The company which is involved in telecommunications networking,... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011 ADTN
  • AED Oil, Chalice Gold Mines & Duran Dogan Basim
    Following on from last week’s commentary in which AED Oil Ltd caught my eye, although being a very small company in terms of its capitalisation, it had a noticeable trade by chairman Mr David Dix. This week we saw the new CEO director on the block, Mr John... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011
  • Barchart Morning Call 7/27
    Barchart Morning Call - 49 mins ago Overnight Developments Global stocks are mostly lower with the European Euro Stoxx down 0.48% and Sep S&Ps down 1.10 points. U.S. stocks continue to be weighed down by the U.S. debt ceiling battle, which was delayed by a day due to the... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011
  • SAP - Barchart Chart of the Day's Chart of the Day - SAP (SAP) Barchart Research Team - - Tue Jul 26, 7:07PM CDT Related Stocks SAP - Sap Ag Sym Last Chg Pct SAP 64.50 +4.18 +6.93% The "Chart of the Day" is SAP (SAP), which showed up on Tuesday's Barchart "What's Hot" list. SAP on... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011 SAP
  • CAUTION Ahead of Debt Ceiling Decision, 100% CASH
    Jul. 27, 2011
  • Avoiding The Dark Side (For Now?)
    Daily State of the Markets Wednesday Morning - July 27, 2011 Good morning. Perhaps the most interesting aspect to the current market isn't necessarily the three-ring circus that is currently playing in Washington or the never ending stream of difficulties across the pond. No, the thing that... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011
  • Will We Hold It Wednesday – Nas 2,809 or Bust!
     Wheeeeee, this is fun!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the move up in the markets was an excellent time to establish some disaster hedges because – well, that’s what you do when you are heading into a potential economic disaster, isn’t... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011 SQQQ, TZA, EDZ
  • Why Congress Can't (Won't?) Fix the Debt Crisis
    The Real Reason Congress Can't (Won't?) Fix the Debt Crisis The federal budget is arguably the most basic responsibility of the Congress, and has been literally from the start. The Articles of Confederation failed because of huge problems related to taxing and spending, which in turn led to the... More »
    Jul. 27, 2011