• Spiral Meltdown Mode
    by aarc
    The markets are now in Spiral Meltdown Mode: - Before: Now: SnP500 Head and Shoulders is on track as it was able to break the Neckline... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011
  • (FEIC, ECBE, CLNO, JFBI, GBNK) Stock Updates by
      FEI (NASDAQ:FEIC) is a premier provider of electron and ion-beam microscopes and tools for nanoscale applications globally and across many industries: industrial and academic materials research, life sciences, semiconductors, data storage, natural resources and more. With a history of... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011 FEIC
  • (KBR, CLNO, TCLP, SENEB, TTRNX, KFFG) Noticeable Stock by
    KBR, Inc. (NYSE:KBR) operates as an engineering, construction, and services company supporting the energy, hydrocarbon, government services, minerals, civil infrastructure, power, and industrial sectors worldwide. KBR maintains and provides for five business units: Downstream, Government and... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011 KBR
  • Canada: Still a Safe Place to Invest
    How protected are Canadian stocks from a US or Greek government default and resulting global credit crunch? How far will oil prices fall if China pulls in its horns? How much will that pull down the loonie and Canadian investments in general? Is Canadian real estate a bubble? What happens to our... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011
  • Stocks Looking to Bounce
    See charts in this post for technical level to watch:
    Aug. 3, 2011 SPY
  • Is Gold a Bubble? 14 Charts, the Facts and the Data Suggest Not
    Gold reached new record nominal highs in majors yesterday and remains close to these record highs today and close to record highs in most fiat currencies. Gold surged 4.2% in Australian dollars yesterday – from $1,478 to $1,540 AUD to 1516 AUD. Gold is up nearly 12% in Australian dollars... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011 GLD, SLA
  • 8/3/2011 - THE VULCAN REPORT
    Wednesday, August 3, 20118/3/2011 - THE VULCAN REPORT THE VULCAN REPORTReview of $0$ EUR/USD FOREX  EURO DOLLAR CURRENCY ($EUR/USD SPOT)as of Tuesday, August 02, 2011Today's Price ActionChange   -0.0046 (-0.32%) prices closed lower than they opened. with weak Bids going into the... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011
  • Can more Subjectivity in finance save us from ourselves?
    The objective, the conservative, the hard nosed.  All these labels usually infer opinions of soundness of judgment and critical thinking upon those who bear them. But, what if the subjective is more powerful and often more right than monolithic objective truth? There is a field of... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011
  • Has The Economic Recovery Fizzled Out?
                 There has been a lot of talk about a “double dip” recession again after the dismal GDP results. As QE2 comes to an end, let’s examine where we are and how strong the economy is using three key metrics: GDP... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011
  • EU Leaders Clueless As Borrowing Costs Soars
    Italian and Spanish 10-year bonds dropped in value, while German bunds rose on Tuesday, pushing the difference in costs (yields) to 381 and 397 basis points, respectively – a record high since the euro was introduced 12 years ago.  Yet, top EU leaders still don’t understand... More »
    Aug. 3, 2011