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  • A Double Dip Clarion
    The following graph from the Consumer Metric Institute shows how their economic activity model is progressing for 2010 compared with 2008 and 2006.The CMI calculates by an area under the curve technique that 2010 has a contraction that is twice the size of 2006 and over 1/3 that of... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010 DIA, SPY, QQQ
  • Weigel and Nasr "Sins" Put the Church of High Integrity on Trial
    I’ve always been a faithful disciple, worshipping at the altar of Church and State. (And of the Reverend Al Green, but that’s another story.) I’ve resisted commercial pressures and been party to painful terminations when staffers violated rules bringing the newspaper’s... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010 GHC, TWX, Andy Alexander
  • Pacific Blue Energy Corp. (PBEC.OB) Growth Prompts Industry Tech Veteran Hiring
    Pacific Blue Energy Corp., – the Arizona-based firm focused on developing renewable energy facilities in prime locations like the Southwest where abundant sun makes photovoltaic (PV) systems optimal, appointed 30-year industry veteran Yoram Gordon to the... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
  • JetBlue Airways (JBLU) and Points International Ltd. (PTSEF.OB) Launch ShopTrue, an Online Earn Mall for TrueBlue Members
    JetBlue Airways, – the innovative, respected and customer-satisfaction-oriented airline servicing 61 cities with some 650 daily flights, opened ShopTrue, a new online earn mall for members of the Company’s TrueBlue customer-loyalty program.ShopTrue extends a 2008... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010 JBLU
  • Can One Hedge Against Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously?
    Is their an investment that can protect clients against inflation and deflation?We think we may have found one.The answer is: trees.Wood, as a real, finite, asset used for a number of vital functions around the world possesses the properties that can allow its real value to be maintained even... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
  • Our Stock Selection Criteria
    We have often mentioned in past articles on this site that our investments are primarily based on companies that are relatively easy to understand, with clear, basic and sustainable competitive strengths, favourable and stable market structures and a cheap price for the security of interest. We... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
    When I saw the story last night that Dick Cheney was recovering from heart surgery, my first thought was “That motherfucker actually has a heart?” I guess I was wrong he does have a heart. His heart was just 3 sizes too small. It is even hard to see on x-rays.They actually had... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
  • The Gravity of Finance
    Gravity is one of the physical forces we most consider when living our daily life in the physical world. We are all aware of our limitations to jump up, and the ease of falling down.There is an equivalent force in the financial world. It is most commonly perceived as being interest rates. Your... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
  • *Blue Plate Specials* - July 15
    Daily picks, pans, and market notes from Out to New Highs: AKRX, GTS Breaking Out To New Highs on Lower Volume: FGP New Lows: ABAX, ARCL, BMTI, CLDT, DEXO, ITG, NCI, SPIL, SWS Breaking Out: GFA Breaking down: HDNG, TTES Zooming Up: ARNA Darlings of the Day: SLXP... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010
    Great news. Right? Sorry. The mega-criminal banks have allowed millions of deadbeats to live in their homes without making a mortgage payment for the last two years. If you don't have to make a mortgage payment, you have spare cash to pay your credit card bills. This is a wonderful development... More »
    Jul. 15, 2010