• Long Treasuries
    Im long Treasuries given the ending of QE2. Assets are gonna fall and there will be a flight to safety. 
    Jun. 27, 2011 UST
  • 30 Stocks For This Week: Trading and Investment Opportunities
    Each week I publish stocks to watch for the upcoming week as potential momentum trades or longer-term investments. The stocks below all have a 50k minimum average daily share volume and traded at a 52-week high on strong volume, with a minimum of two times relative volume on Friday, June 24th.... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011 CBOU, ECYT, ESIC
  • What is an Option? More Importantly, How Do I Trade Options?
    What is an option you ask? More importantly, how do I use options to enhance my portfolio returns.The second question is by far the more difficult question to answer because it requires a personal look into how you see yourself as an investor. One thing I I can guarantee – there is an... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011 DBA, DIA, EEM
  • Why raise the debt ceiling? - There's a much easier solution
    Congress and the Executive Branch are at an impasse that threatens the first credit event in US currency since 1934.  And - it's all so unnecessary.As every follower of financial news knows by now, Tim Geithner insists the National Debt ceiling must be raised before August 2, 2011 or the US... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011
  • Cliff Diving
     While there is plenty of speculation that this will be the week we experience a flash crash, I don't think it's likely.  And, if it should happen, it won't be the market disaster that many expect -- for the simple reason that such severe drops almost always retrace significantly in a... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011
  • Trading the Ipad 2: Technical Analysis $357.2 down to $312.65 target
    Beyond Trading publishes the fourth World-Class Case Study trading Apple stock.   $16 million Profit Trading Apple in 5 months Trading Apple against Wall Street sheer incompetenceWatch the CASE STUDY in HD and Listen to the Testimonial
    Jun. 27, 2011 AAPL
        We are heading toward the end of the quarter and with stocks struggling and still somewhat oversold it’s time for those who can and must pump things up. Reading the news was more than just interesting -- it was remarkable. There was confidence the Greek... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011 SPY, IWM, QQQ
  • - Shareholders or, Employees Who have been Gutted?
    The persistance in presenting one sole view from a poster on Yahoo Finance is (or, can be I guess), likened to my own. Apart from the fact that we both hold diametrically opposed views, on Looksmart. - I happen to see a great future ahead for the company & he says that there's .   a... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011
  • How To Play the Commodities Boom
    Free Video! How To Play the Commodities Boom What Are Futures? In finance, a futures contract is a standardized contract, traded on a futures exchange, to buy or sell a certain underlying instrument at a certain date in the future, at a specified price. The future date is called the delivery... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011
  • How Shale Gas Might Transform the Energy Markets
    In the midst of roller-coaster oil prices and a global reassessment of nuclear power, in early April a key development in the natural gas arena slipped by mostly unnoticed: a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) about global shale gas potential.We all know that shale gas... More »
    Jun. 27, 2011