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  • Does this matter? "Russia's IIB bank defaults on 200 mln euros notes"
    "Russia's IIB bank defaults on 200 mln euros notes" don't follow Russia at all but came across this headline this morning and thought it was worth a closer look.  I am surprised to see that there isn't any chatter related to it... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 RSX, ESR, GUR
  • Pivotfarm Daily News Harvest July 7th 2010
    Markets in a FlashAsian markets finished down over night, except for Chinese markets which posted moderate gains.The European markets are down but making a small recovery from their morning lows.Oil and other energy commodities are up today, but precious metals such as gold are falling.The USD... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010
  • The Good, The Bad, And The...
    Daily State of the Markets Wednesday Morning – July 7, 2010 Good morning. By most counts, the bulls should have run the table on Tuesday. There was some good news to work with, some bad news that seemed to be ignored, and the realization that the bulls were due a day in the sun. But... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010
  • The Day Ahead - Wednesday's American Session
      The week remains to be weak on economic announcement side. Therefore, expect less volatility in the markets especially after the end of London Session. The trading was relatively subdued in European Session with higher beta currencies slipping to the downside. A timid negative... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 ADE, BEO, BEP-RETIRED
  • All the Gold - And Disinformation - In China
      Enough disinformation! We all know by now how heavy-handed China is apt to be in its effort to promote Dollah! Dollah! Dollah! and harm the commodity sector whenever it possibly can . It believes it has to do this to continue to fuel the growth it desperately needs to satisfy... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 currency, China. gold, commodities
  • Could Devaluing the Dollar Help the Economy?
    Devaluation Won't Work Free Report The following article is an excerpt from Elliott Wave International’s free report, 20 Questions With Deflationist Robert Prechter. It has been adapted from Prechter’s June 19 appearance on Jim Puplava’s Financial Sense Newshour. Jim Puplava:... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 1929, banking system, crash
  • Forex4you Technical Analysis 07/07/10
     GBP/USD: Technical AnalysisThe bounce out of 1.5200 determined the lasting of the sideways move. So, the pair is currently approaching to the bottom edge of the consolidation range, 1.5080, which was mentioned in the last commentary. The trades are carried at 1.5095/90. The... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010
  • Brief update
    A brief update to my last post.  Nasdaq was up as much as 2.1% on Tuesday but closed up just .1%.  Russell 2000 index was down.  Small stocks clearly had a rougher day.  Tuesday was day 10 in the Nasdaq McClellan Summation index downtrend and the index accelerated down. ... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 McClellan Summation
  • Risk Adverse Or Merely Cautious?
    USD The rather bad economic data from the States continued on Tuesday with the ISM Non Manufacturing PMI reading. The outcome of 53.8 compared to the estimate of 55.1 certainly didn’t help overall investment sentiment. The USD continued to trade near the weaker parts of its recent range... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010
  • Technical Analysis and Roulette Systems
     I'm not a big fan of technical analysis. I simply do not believe that past can be used to predict the future in apparently random system. Speaking of which.. Long ago, I read a book on roulette betting systems. One of the simplest strategies known as "martingale" is based on... More »
    Jul. 7, 2010 technical analysis