• Staycation to save money
    Spring is here and that means it’s time to start preparing for those summer vacations. But with rising gas prices, traveling long distances by car or airplane is becoming more expensive. The concept of a staycation – otherwise known as a stay-at-home vacation – isn’t new,... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Don't Psyche Yourself Out - start saving for retirement now
    You’re faced with the task of amassing a large sum of money. You’ll need enough savings to provide an adequate income stream to cover your expenses throughout retirement. For some people, saving for retirement is daunting because accumulating a retirement nest egg seems impossible.... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Dodge Ball Investing: learning consistency and patience thorugh intramural dodge ball
    As a sports enthusiast, one of the best parts of my college experience was playing intramural dodge ball – there’s just something special about blowing off a little steam and throwing rubber balls at other people. My friends and I managed to build an outstanding team. We played... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Kids and money: creating a long-term plan
    Creating a strategy to educate kids about finance is important because there are so many mistakes young people can make – even in high school or college – that could have implications for decades to come. (Think credit cards, excessive student loans, not contributing to a 401(k),... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Re-balancing to keep your 401k strategy at its best
    If you’ve spent any time reading the Smart401k Blog or our educational material over the past few years, you know we are passionate about setting up a proper asset allocation to help reach retirement goals. We’ve spent countless hours explaining the benefits of understanding your... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Stock Alert: Novellus Tries To Hold Support
     Novellus Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVLS) is getting smacked today on the back of a poor outlook. The stock is trading at $31.90, -3.88 (-10.83%). This area is interesting for one main reason. On the daily chart, it is a key support level. The big question is, will it hold?  Watch for this... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011 NVLS-OLD
  • Why retirement plan participation statitistics don't *really* matter
    There was some hubbub recently in the world of retirement planning when Fidelity released some statistics from its 401(k) provider practice. Have you ever wondered how your employer retirement plan account balance compares with other people’s? Read on to see some of the Fidelity... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Help yourself by envisioning your retirement
    Recently I heard a smartplanet interview with the Northwestern University professor who is leading research on the idea that people might make better retirement planning decisions when looking at their own aged picture: We used a combination of software that relies on an age-progression... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Global Trade Desk- Repeatable Trade Patterns Signal Danger
    Daily Client NoteGlobal Market Review Repeatable Trade Patterns Signal Danger Most asset classes have flat-lined on Tuesday, with Daily chart Moving Average price points now in play.  Global debt issues dominate sentiment. Credit markets are signaling danger, with SovX (Sovereign Credit... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011
  • Markets Flatline As Eyes Focus On Europe
     The markets are holding their breath today as all eyes continue to be on Europe. Will Italy continue in free fall? Will they need a mega bailout? Italy is one of the largest economies in Europe and a much bigger mess to clean up. The only positive with Italy is that the Italian banks hold... More »
    Jul. 12, 2011 SPY, GOOG, AA