• THE VULCAN REPORT Review of E-mini NASDAQ 100 (US@NQ.1) as of Tuesday, June 07, 2011 10:00 AM
     THE VULCAN REPORTReview of E-mini NASDAQ 100 (US@NQ.1)as of Tuesday, June 07, 2011 10:00 AM Today's Price Action Change    0.5000 (0.02%)  A doji star occurred (where a doji gaps above or below the previous candle).  This often signals a reversal with... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011
  • CNC short: uptrend broken. heath care should follow the overall markets down
     CNC SHORTthe uptrend seems to be brokenhealth sector should be followingthe overall markets and correcta little bit more.also may top is on very high volumeand intraday reversal which isvery significative.shorting below yesterdays lowCNC short: sell stop 33.52, stop loss 34.14day target:... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 CNC
  • BWC LONG: relative strengh and support
     BWC LONGshowing some relative strenghtvs other nuclear related stocks andvs the overall market in the last couple of days, after the gap up of 6 days ago range is tighting and yesterday it made an inside day. just above 200 dma support.buying on a higher highBWC long:... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 BWXT
  • Trade Alert: PLCM
    Click to Enlarge HedgeFundLive.Com Polycom looks like it can continue it’s breakout move. It was a strong stock today in a weak market. Over the past four trading sessions the stock has been making higher highs and higher lows, a indication of a bullish move.  There is widening of... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 PLCM
  • Trade Alert: More Room on the Short Side (BAP)
    Credicorp Limited (BAP) provides a full range of financial services including commercial banking, corporate finance, brokerage services, asset management, trust, and insurance. BAP closed the day down 18.8% at 82.55 after the results of the Peruvian election and a downgrade from UBS and Raymond... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 BAP, BPZ, BVN
  • Bank of America Update
     Check out how tight the boilinger bands are on the 1 minute chart for BAC. As it is confirmed by the Shiller Index and the most recent housing report from, it seems as though real estate is now in a definitive double dip mode. BAC, one of the largest mortgage writers is facing... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 BAC, C
  • Technical Tuesday – Twelve Thousand Two Hundred or Bust!
     Our winning streak continues! With 335M barrels of oil still on fake order at the NYMEX, yesterday’s early morning short play at $100.60 gave us a ride back to $99 and that was good for as much as $536M pre-market.   In the morning post, I said "hopefully we’ll... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 CSCO, DDM, DIA
  • U.S. Equity Futures Rebound; Options Markets Point to Oversold Conditions
    This morning.  U.S. equity markets are in correction.  After several consecutive lower days, world equity markets are modestly higher. U.S. equity futures are moderately higher.  The advances reflect oversold conditions and views that recent losses overestimated the slowdown... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011 RF, COF, GE
  • Peru: Preview to the U.S. 2012 Election? By Charles Payne
    "Nothing in this world is a gift. Whatever must be learned must be learned the hard way."Carlos Castaneda, famous Peruvian writer Over the weekend, Ollanta Humala won the presidential election in Peru, promising to convert the decade-long business miracle of that nation into the... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011
  • Food is getting cheaper
    It is well known that consumer price indices define price inflation. The same amount of goods and/or services costs more and more (or less during deflationary periods) with time. For example, Figure 1 presents the evolution of the price index of food in the U.S. since 1935, as obtained from the... More »
    Jun. 7, 2011