• Protalix Major Shareholder Biocell To Maintain Holding.
    Today July 18th the shares of Protalix are down about 7% due to a July 17 report by the Israeli Business Globes website related to PLX's largest shareholder, a holding company called Biocell Ltd. The conflict started as the shares price of Biocell (trading in TASE the Israeli market) keep... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011 PLX
  • MediaNews' New TapIn Tablet Product One to Watch
    What if you could really let your fingers do the walking? What if you could find stuff, near you, literally at the touch of a finger? Then, maybe act on it, scheduling your life, buying things and sharing your finds and plans with others?That’s the dream that the MediaNews’... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011 AAPL, GOOG
  • Low Risk Marathon Oil Dividend
    Marathon Oil has been in the news lately, and most of the coverage has been revolving around their investor incentives. It always feels good to invest in a company with good yield with little risk. MRO may be that dividend. Read the entire article... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011 MRO, MPC
  • Byron King: The Real REE Demand Opportunity
    Byron King: The Real REE Demand Opportunity Source: Brian Sylvester of The Critical Metals Report   (7/12/11) Finding experienced teams could be elusive in the rush to capitalize on growing demand for heavy rare earth elements. Energy and... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011
  • Impression, Earnings Reports
    It is one weeks into the earnings season and we have developed an impression that the economy is growing. But there is another crucial factor that will negatively impact the trajectory of the market, the Europe debt issue.More on my blog.
    Jul. 18, 2011 JPM, C, HAL
  • The Sprotts: Silver Poised for Power Rally
    The Sprotts: Silver Poised for Power Rally Source: Karen Roche and Sally Lowder of The Gold Report  (7/11/11) Opportunities abound in small- and mid-cap silver companies, according to Sprott Inc. Chairman Eric Sprott. In this exclusive interview... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011
  • The Momentrix Review of the Markets for the week of July 15, 2011-
    The Momentrix Review of the Week for July 15, 2011Equity markets resumed the downtrend this week, although they finished the week on a positive note. On Friday the S&P 500 finished the day up 0.5%, shaking off modest selling pressure throughout the day. For the week, the S&P 500 was down... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011
  • Phil McPherson: Go West for Oil
    Phil McPherson: Go West for Oil Source: George Mack of The Energy Report  (7/14/11) The new California gold rush is about black gold, not the yellow variety. At least that's where Global Hunter Securities Partner and Senior Analyst Phil... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011
  • Nat Gas Oversupply Likely For a Long Time: RCH Energy
    In the last year natural gas production has grown over 7 percent despite prices going down, Robert Raymond, principal and founder of RCH Energy, told CNBC Monday."What we're seeing in the natural gas market here is we're sort of in year two or three of an ultimate capitulation in the price... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011 CHK, DVN, HK
  • Frank Curzio: Penny Stocks to Profit from Higher Oil and Gas Demand
    Frank Curzio: Penny Stocks to Profit from Higher Oil and Gas Demand Source: Zig Lambo of The Energy Report  (7/12/11) Oil and gas markets, as well as the technology to produce, distribute and utilize them, are evolving to meet growing global... More »
    Jul. 18, 2011