• How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Pc for Its Long Life?
    I suggest top five advices. First, Run A good Anti- virus and anti- spyware program! Do you have installed a valid and updated anti-virus and anti spyware software on your computer? It’s really necessary to run this software to avoid your computer being infected with spyware and virus.... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • Free stock pick for 07/08/2011
     Free stock pick for 07/08/2011    Mentoring program from July 25th - August 5th 2011. For all informations click here    Watch ideasLong:  Short:   Membership benefitsLive Member Chat RoomPicks With Full Trading PlanExact Entry... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • Best Yields with Ex-Dividend Day July 11 – 17, 2011
    Weekly Ex-Dividend Dates and Yields by Ex-Dividend Dates. Here is a current stock and fund list of dividend stocks and funds paying forthcoming dividends and having ex-dividend within the week July 11, 2011 – July 17, 2011. The average dividend-yield amounts to 5.12 percent. Best Yields... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011 AM-OLD, EAD, ERC
  • The Harbin Pharma pollution case
    By Sisi Yang, GBI Analyst On June 5th, World Environment Day, CCTV broadcast a report on pollution emanating from Harbin Pharmaceutical Group’s General Factory. According to the report, the major antibiotics producer is pouring waste directly into adjacent streams and threatening the... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • Stocks are Overvalued / Overbought – with May 2nd Highs in Sight.
    The May 2nd highs are in sight led by a new all time high for Dow Transports at 5627.85. The May 2nd highs are 12,876 Dow Industrial Average, 1370.58 SPX, 2887.75 NASDAQ, 2417.83 NDX, 868.57 Russell 2000. This upside is not surprising based upon my proprietary analytics as I projected wider... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • How to Trade EUR/USD During the NFP
    Heads up! Another set of fireworks could be coming your way when the U.S. releases its employment report on Friday. After all, the U.S. jobs market is expected to get back on its feet after hitting a "soft patch" in May. For that month, the non-farm payrolls report... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • 12 Cheap Utilities With High Dividend Yields
    Cheap Utilities with High Dividend Yields by Dividend Yields - Stock, Capital, Investment. Here is a current sheet of 12 cheap stocks from the utility sector with high dividend yields. Such companies have a minimum dividend yield of 5 percent as well as a forward price to earnings ratio of less... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011 TGS, CPL, AT
  • 07/08/2011: I hope Netflix and other stocks go to the moon...
    The higher the exponential climb, the better the cataclyismic fall. I hope the bubble fills up much higher than it appears to be right now. Netflix trailing earnings at triple-digit multiples. not too far from that actually.
    Jul. 8, 2011
  • Introducing Google Games!
     Google+ has been creating a lot of buzz these past few weeks as it begins its "field test" and prepares for  a full launch. There are many interesting features to the new social network such as circles (grouping friends, colleagues etc into circles)... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011 GOOG, EBAY
  • Kentor Gold focus shifts to JORC Resources in Australia, Aktash option not exercised
    Kentor Gold (ASX: KGL) has moved the company strategic focus to the recently acquired Australian projects, rather than the Kyrgyz Republic, and has subsequently not exercised the option to acquire the Aktash Gold-Copper deposit. Aktash is located 8 kilometres from the proposed site for the... More »
    Jul. 8, 2011