• We Were Bearish Today - Were You???
    The Nikkei is up 1.85% this morning! Do I really have to say anything else to point out how stupid the markets are getting?  Japan imports over 5M barrels of oil per day - they produce 6,000 barrels a day so let's say they are VERY dependent on imported oil.  They consume 3.6Bcf of... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011 USO, EWJ, SPY
  • Stock Market News and Dividend Report for Friday April 8, 2011 -
    SureWest Communications (Nasdaq: SURW) Board of Directors has approved a quarterly cash dividend of 8 cents per share payable on June 15, 2011 to shareholders of record at the close of business on May 16, 2011*. This represents a quarterly payout of approximately $1.1 million. Div & Yield:... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011 SURW, MAA, APOG
  • The Greenback Is At Critical Levels — Since I’ve been here I have  been emphasizing the basic principles of trading. Basically trading what you see not what you think. If the market is strong stocks should go higher and vice versa.  Today I would like to postulate a thesis... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011
  • Market Folly's Articles No Longer Available on Seeking Alpha
    Just wanted to give readers a head's up that our articles will no longer be published on Seeking Alpha.  As always, you can read all of our updates and analysis of the latest investments by hedge funds directly at you and we look forward to seeing you there!
    Apr. 8, 2011
  • Market correction or another bull market?
    What if we could see where the overall market was heading?  Predictions abound and let’s face it, there’s a 50% chance of being correct.  This weekend's Wall Street Journal (04/09/11) ran a story titled "Is the Market Overvalued?"  What's the... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011
  • Hedge Funds Show Mixed Results Among Strategies in March
    Stamford, CT, USA, April 8, 2011 – Most hedge funds advanced in the month of March, but losses in Directional funds dragged down the group as a whole. The Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index (“GGHFI”) shed 10 basis points compared to global returns in the S&P 500 Total... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011
  • A Lowdown on Apple
    Recently, there has been a lot of articles at Seeking Alpha about one company in particular. Apple. Apple is one of the leading tech companies in the world and its logo symbolizes good quality engineering. However, some say that this company's share price can go no further. On the other... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011 AAPL
  • Pending Government Shutdown: Worst hits will go to Health & Tourism sectors
    A 2010 Congressional Research Service report summarized other details of the 1995-1996 government shutdowns, which it said impacted all sectors of the economy. Those included: health and welfare services for military veterans were curtailed; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stopped... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011 SPY, GLD, SLV
  • EUR/USD Heading for 1.4500, Correction Due
    EUR/USD (a daily chart of which is shown) as of Friday (4/08/2011) has risen dramatically to approach its 1.4500 upside resistance target, establishing a new 14-month high in the process. This occurs within the context of a strong and steep bullish trend that has been in place since the... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011
  • Wonders of the world – things we take for granted
    Wonders of the world – things we take for granted To touchTo tasteTo seeTo hearTo feelTo laughTo loveTo dreamTo wonderTo learnTo hope  Those things we overlook as simple and ordinary are truly wondrous A gentle reminder for all of us that the most precious things in... More »
    Apr. 8, 2011