• Another Day, Another White Candle
     More of the same today as the markets grind higher.  One signal I mentioned in yesterday's video to watch for to indicate an overbought level is the 4 ema moving above above the upper bollinger and as of today's close they are at par. Historically this has been a good tell that the... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 QQQ
  • Anatomy of a Blown Market Timing Call
    Wed April 13th – Market timing signal turns bearish. I get short immediately after the close.Fri  April 15th – I double down near the close as I believe the bounce to be weak and that the market will fall in the coming week. Here’s where the tragedy occurs in... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 QQQ
  • Petrobras - PBR - sell signals
    Today on Barchart I detected sell signals on Petrobras (PBR). Technical sell signals: 80% Barchart short term technical sell signalsTrend Spotter sell signalTrading below its 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages13.30% off its recent highRelative Strength Index 40.09% and... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 PBR
  • Lottery Winners Go Bust
    I have sometimes jokingly contended that if you took all of the money in the world and divided it equally, ten years later the people who have the money now would have it again.  Based on a study done by three academics at Kentucky, Pittsburgh, and Vanderbilt, there may be... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011
  • Sector and Capitalization Performance
    The chart below shows performance of US sectors and capitalizations over the trailing 12, 6, and 1 month(s).  Performance updated through 4/28/2011. 
    Apr. 29, 2011
  • Orbcomm -- ORBC - sell signal
    Today on Barchart I detected sell signals on Orbcomm (ORCB) and deleted it from the Barchart Van Meerten Speculative portfolio. Technical Factors: 80% Barchart short term technical sell signalsTrend Spotter sell signal22.43% off its recent highTrading below its 20,... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 ORBC
  • Amyris: an Unattractive Risk Reward Profile
    Amyris Biotech is an early stage next generation chemical company beginning buildout of capacity to produce chemical molecules from renewable sugars. Amyris uses a patented yeast strain to convert Brazilian sugarcane crush into farnesene, a chemical that can be used as the building block... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 AMRS
  • Canadian National Railway - CNI - Barchart Chart of the Day's Chart of the Day - Canadian National Railway (CNI) Barchart Research Team - - Thu Apr 28, 6:16PM CDT Related Stocks CNI - Canadian National Railway Company Sym Last Chg Pct CNI 77.06 +0.13 +0.17% The "Chart of the Day" is Canadian National Railway... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 CNI
  • Luxury spending drives recovery
    By IBISWorld Retail Analyst Nikoleta PantevaIn December of 2010, luxury jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. (TIF) proved that analysts’ earnings forecasts were grossly underestimated. And the company’s earnings were not a fluke: year-end financial data shows that Tiffany... More »
    Apr. 29, 2011 TM, TIF, ZLC
  • Massey Energy: Not So Appealing
    Massey Energy has been having trouble keeping up with the crowd and the margins sure show it.Find more charts and research here:
    Apr. 29, 2011 BTUUQ, CNX, ECA