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  • A few things shaking up currencies today ...
    QE Policy: A Juxtaposition ... Put the news about the European Central Bank choosing not to extend certain QE measures next to the Federal Reserve discussing new potential QE measures and you’ve got the big reason, right there in front of you, why the euro is gaining ground so quickly on... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010 FXE, UUP, UDN
  • Mukuba is in the Zambian Copperbelt
    Mukuba is in the Zambian Copperbelt  Richard (Rick) MillsAhead of the Herd As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information The Republic of Zambia (plus 12 million people) is a landlocked country in Southern Africa covering 752, 600 square km... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010
  • CCSC +60% -- see IPO video
    +62% Country Style Cooking IPO IPO video analyst report Disclosure: none
    Sep. 28, 2010 CCSC, MCD
  • The Next Battleground for Stem Cells, Patenting Pluripotency
    The patenting of human embryonic stem (hES) cells could produce yet another ambiguous controversy concerning science, ethics and legal issues related to stem cell  … intellectual property (IP).The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejected (4/28/10) a controversial... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010
    Last week, a US House committee agreed and approved a bill that would, among other things, provide loan guarantees for US companies wishing to start up rare earth material mining. Committee Chairman Bart Gordon said it was essential for the United States to start providing its own rare earth... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010 REE, MCP, ACH
  • Kondratiff's Probability Window
    The probability window, which can show us the likely direction of evolving events, is usually the one with the “larger framework/scale.” Kondratieff’s Long Wave attempts to chart long-term market/event moves.Kondratieff’s Summer phase seems to have ended in the recent... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010
  • Analyzing Walmart's Head Start In The African Race
    Ending all speculations of a possible acquisition in Africa, Wal-Mart Stores Inc's has become the first major retail giant to jump in the African market with a $4 billion acquisition for South African wholesaler Massmart. The move comes just a couple of months after World Market Pulse research... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010 WMT, EZA, South Africa
  • Tankan Survey: What's the Score?
    The busy bees over in the Forex streets are once again buzzing with excitement over this red flag that pops up in Japan once every quarter. What exactly does the Tankan report tell us? Why does it have a huge impact on the yen? And does it really have to rhyme with their current Prime... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010
  • Chinalco plans $1.5 billion investment in rare earths
    Chinalco plans $1.5 billion investment in rare earths   Sept. 27, 2010, 9:33 p.m. EDT Related stories Asian stocks end lower; Nikkei drops 1.1% (7:07a) Hong Kong slips on China Unicom shares; Chalco up (Sept. 27) Tokyo paces rally in Asian markets (Sept. 27) Japan wants China to pay damages... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010 ACH, LYSCF, REE
  • StreetOne Technical Analysis, LLC Market Summary-09/28/2010
     by David ChojnackiWe had a weak open to the session and the week.  The Market traded sideways during most of the session, moved into positive territory at one point, then sold off in the last hour.   At the close, the DJIA was down 0.4%, the S&P500 off 0.5%, and the... More »
    Sep. 28, 2010