• OIL sector gets Game Changer move from International Energy Agency
    Just when you thought it was safe to test the water in the oil sector. "Bam Shock a locka" The oil sector market gets a game changing move. Its hard enough to be long in the oil sector with the market trending downward and with the constant sellers and short sellers showing up daily... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 DTO, ERY, ERX
  • Markets Finish Slightly Negative After Volatile Day S&P was down over 20 points this morning after opening lower with a weak jobless claims number and hangover from yesterday’s FOMC meeting. I would be surprised to see a significant amount of... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 SPY, FXE, UUP
  • Owners of The Georgian Building in Silver Spring, Maryland File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection
    On Wednesday, two related companies - Stellar GT TIC LLC and VFF TIC LLC - voluntarily filed for chapter 11 protection in the bankruptcy court in Greenbelt, Maryland with a pre-negotiated plan of reorganization.  The companies own an 891-unit multi-family high rise property (consisting of... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 BWF, WFC, PSK
    I use a mechanical system. Here are the current positions.                           BOUGHT ON:GLD up 78%       12/26/2008EWM up 92%    ... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 SPY, GOOG, AAPL
  • GBPUSD and Gold recap, 23rd June 2011
    Trading Setups / Chart in Focus: GBPUSD The GBPUSD lost ground today, however it did close up well off the day’s low. We can see price hit support near 1.5950 before bouncing higher to close the day. The 8 and 21 day EMA’s are clearly diverging lower, so we will keep a close eye on... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011
       This is "the short-term memory market" and may be a suitable alternative headline. But, HFTs (High Frequency Traders) have programmed their HAL 9000s to search for terms like "Greece" and "approved" to launch buy programs. And, yes, there was some... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 SPY, FXE, IWM
  • Opportunities You Can Bank On
    Fear and opportunity often go hand in hand. Right now there is fear in the financial sector, but where is the opportunity? Many banks are selling at apparently attractive price to book ratios. The challenge we face as investors is making sure that the potential reward meaningfully outweighs the... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 TD, MET
  • SPY True Color
    by aarc
    When CNBC speculated that the IEA report is a possible QE3, the markets suddenly reversed a decidedly bearish day that on normal occations could not be accomplished. Like a petulant child, the markets grabbed the 60 million barrels candybar (worth less than $6B) as if it is the successor to the... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011
  • Wednesday, June 22, 2011
    Our stock market direction ratings are: 1) Short Term: Bearish; 2) Long Term: Bearish.Late day selling turned market lower after a break even session for most of the trading day.Lowering support/resistance levels on S&P 500 (1,276/1,288) and Nasdaq Composite (2,648/2,679)-support same on... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 QQQ, SPY, USO
  • US Dollar Moves Up toward Recent Highs
    The US dollar index closed sharply higher today, moving into the upper half of the ascending triangle formation that has been developing since late March. An ascending triangle is characterized by a rising lower boundary and a relatively stable upper boundary, suggesting that buying pressure is... More »
    Jun. 23, 2011 UUP