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  • July is Getting Bumpy
    This morning the major market indexes are all trading lower to start the day. The catalyst for this early decline is poor earnings estimates by some of the largest corporations. Since this earnings season started stocks such as Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA), Intel Corp (NASDAQ:INTC), and CSX Corp... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010
  • Gold... I Have Always Been Here Before
    "that that was supposed to have frightened you, but somehow you never took to fright" --Roky Erickson, I Have Always Been Here BeforeQuickly transitioning from archetypal American rock culture to the subject at hand, we look at the gold market and find all the familiar forces arrayed... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 GLD, SLV, TLT
  • Morning Brief
      The risk rally came to a scratching halt with the Euro moderating to 1.2845. The Pound slipped to 1.5150, Loonie stood at 1.0580, Yen fluctuated at 86.80, and Aussie remained at 0.8725. The better than anticipated earning season for equities have contributed to greater risk, however, this... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 ADE, BEO, BEP-RETIRED
  • USD: Daily update for 20 Jul
    I have found new channeling in the EUR/USD that adjusts very good into long term trading action and it is signaling the top  at today's high of 1.3020. However, i am still considering my previous EUR/USD top projections because they are still possible to execute: 1, 2 (Long term euro)
    Jul. 20, 2010 ERO
  • A Case for Deflation
     As early as January, inflationary pressures in the US economy have been weak. This has caused deflationary concerns to arise, especially since spare manufacturing capacity is still high and job growth remains subdued. Although it may be true that the Fed's quantitative easing... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010
  • Bank Valuations Showing the Way Back to the 1980s
    Looking at the prices and valuations of some banks the other day, it struck me that they had mostly returned to 1980s levels. This is after their values surged ahead in the 1990s, then "round-tripped" back in the most recent decade. Basically, they've gone nowhere in the past two and... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 Modern 1930s
  • New short orders entered
    Shorting WCG at 24.50, bearish vertical spreads on ETFC, and ATM puts on SCHW and MS.Disclosure: No positions at time of writing.
    Jul. 20, 2010 WCG, ETFC, SCHW
  • Market Park Ranger
    Do you know what I find annoying? Market prognosticators who declare, seemingly with 100% confidence, that we are either in a bull market or a bear market. The annoying aspect of this sort of commentary is that it ignores the plain (and to my mind, obvious) fact that nothing in life is certain.... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 VXX, VT, SPY
  • Auto glitters
    Autos have gained 19% YTD, the best sector performance, and another 1.5% over the last week. The first figure has been driven by the Truck segment’s share price recovery while the second one is pulled up by the Car segment. German manufacturers’ early positive comments on their... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 RNSDF, BAMXY, VLKAY
  • Disappointment Setting In?
    Daily State of the Markets Tuesday Morning – July 20, 2010 Good morning. One of the most interesting things about the stock market game is that it is constantly changing. Think you've got it figured out? You might want to think again, because oftentimes, the baseline assumption of the... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010