• AAPL Stock: Can today’s hammer candle save this market? —   A famous line that technicians will say over and over again is to cover up the name on a chart and analyze the chart for what it is.  The exercise says don’t get swayed by a company name if you are going to use technical analysis to make your... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 AAPL
  • Potential pullback buy entry in (PBJ)- April 14, 2011
    The Wagner Daily - April 14, 2011 Concise technical analysis and picks of the leading global ETFs Commentary: Stocks ended Wednesday's session slightly higher but on declining volume. The Nasdaq saw the greatest improvement on the day. The technology rich index tacked on 0.6%, as it closed back... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 FAN, PBJ
  • Day Trade Well: The Evolution — About a month ago, I arrived at the offices at 12 Engle Street to find my keyboard and personal affects mysteriously missing from my usual seat.  Sensing my confusion, Mr. Petak brusquely informed me that I had been assigned to the back room.  My first... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • Pre-market News and Views
     The S&P 500 e-mining futures are trading lower this morning by 7.00 points to to 1301.75 per contract. The futures began to nosedive around 1:30 am EST when they were trading as high as 1310.25 per contract. This morning there are a lot of problems erupting from the European Union.... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • Thursday Market Expectations – Jamie Dimon gave us a hint today.
     Hedgefundlive What a day. There was stability in many of the beaten up names. The high beta names ran up on air after feeling very weak in the morning, signaling a last ditch effort to rally. They are in for a serious correction.  Alcoa did not perform well. JP Morgan did not perform... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • JPM earnings: How did it affect the markets — JPM earnings were out this morning and the stock acted exactly like the market has for the better part of two weeks, rally up and slam it the rest of the day, coincedentally speaking the S&P performed the same way.  So what is the deal? Since I deal with... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 JMP
  • TAM's Pedagogics: April 14th, 2011
    Now that the bears have regained short-term control technicians turn to secondary indicators to seek further validation. First and foremost, we’ll look at the BKX followed by the Transports. The BKX took quite a wild swing yesterday as the bank sector rallied off the open, due to... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 DIA, JPM
  • Cannabis play CANA bullish news....recall ongoing strength / basing in upper 4 range....
    Snowing heavy in Denver.  Focus:  Jobless claims jump a negative.    Recall basing in upper 4 range discussions with CANA yesterday/recently.New news could spark renewed upside.stabbing 5 still initially.CANA.PK WeedMaps Media Exceeds $780,000 in Gross... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • The Wait Is Almost Over
    Daily State of the Markets Thursday Morning - April 14, 2011 Good morning. I am of the mind that at least a portion of the market's recent sloppy period can be attributed to the fact that there has been a rather large void in terms of data inputs of late. In short, the economic calendar has... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • Trading Bank of America (BAC) Earnings — Bank of America (BAC) is reporting Q2 earnings this Friday, April 15.  How has BAC traded around their earnings releases?  The charts below are three day charts showing the day before, the day of, and the day after earnings release dates. Case 1 10Q2 Earnings... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 BAC