• How to Interpret the Recent Action: MET, REE, DNDN, BBBY, DE
    I'm sure many of you are as puzzled as I am about the market action.  For some reason the market won't seem to go down, and in those moments of panic the dipbuyers come in with the heavy artillery.  High oil prices?  No deal.  More devastating news from Japan?  No... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011 MET, REE, DNDN
  • CEF Weekly Summary for 4/8/11
    CEF Weekly Summary for 4/8/11 available at under "Research" tab sub menu "Free Research"  click "Current Weekly Summary" with free registration.Have a great week!Joe Eqcome
    Apr. 10, 2011
  • According to the New York Times....
    Two other Japanese nuclear facilities lost power.  And this latest earthquake "hit right under one of those two."  Now if someone would simply pull the plug on "insane nuclear loving CNBC" for a day or two.  WE HAVE HYDRO POWER TOO MORONS! ... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011
  • Feldspar crusher and barite grinding machine
     Jaw crusher for crushing feldspar is the most widely used stone crusher becaused feldspar jaw crusher features simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance, high efficiency and low operation cost etc. Jaw crusher usually is used as the primary crusher in feldspar crushing... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011
  • Is this the week when the destruction of the dollar starts to kill.
    There can be no bull market unless the dollar does something other than crater.  And if we have something "other than a bull market" then even the folks at Seeking ALF will have to admit "we're moving into the "other" column" on this "thing."
    Apr. 10, 2011
  • Is Silver about to go even more parabolic?
     Is silver about to take its ridiculous run to an even more extreme level?  It looks like it broke to the upside of a long term rising wedge…A closer look….If gold and silver are going higher, the two microcaps I mentioned a week or two ago look primed to ascend as well.... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011 SLV, UCO
  • Blinkx/Burst Media acquisition can bring the "Long-Tail" into play?
    Friday's announcement [Blinkx Acquires Burst Media; Burst CEO Coffin Discusses Sale Of Ad Network] is one of meaningful significance I feel and possibly in more ways than what may well appear, at 1st glance. . Burst Media [as has previously been noted], markets its ad management platform,... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011
  • Shorts: It's Misleading to Compare Apples And Oranges
    I still reiterate my opinion that shorts allegation "Puda no longer owned Shanxi Coal" is simply wrong because they are comparing apples and oranges. You must be very careful whey you are trying to deal with different entities: Shanxi Puda Coal, an operating sub in China, and... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011 PUDA
  • Insight’s Week_Week 15
    A very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything, but not enough to do nothing.W.BuffettAnother one correction is on the way in the stock market. In general, stock’s prices are moving up. Step by step. Therefore we follow the market. It’s our credo – to follow the... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011 BSI, GIS, KGC
  • When a Earnings Whisper Becomes a Scream
    Profit From Zacks Investment Research Earnings Estimates Revisions Free Trial of Zacks a leading investment research firm focusing on equities earnings estimates and stock analysis for the individual investor, including stock picks, stock screening, portfolio stock tracker and stock screeners.... More »
    Apr. 10, 2011