• The Best Sectors for Summer
    Heading into the summer months, the charts of three sector ETFs in particular look the strongest, and bullish signs from another potential standout sector are emerging. The second quarter has been a tough one for the major averages, and the first day of trading in June has many concerned about... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 XLP, XLE, XLV
  • When All Else Fails, Drop The U.S. Dollar Index
     Since the March 2009 stock market lows, there has been only one way to cause a rally in the major stock market indexes and that has been drop the U.S. Dollar Index. Even today, the U.S. Dollar Index is declining sharply lower, this is helping to inflate the major stock indexes off the... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011
  • Marathon Oil: In On Texas Oil For the Long Run
     We posted an article earlier this week that discussed the oil boom that is currently revisiting the state of Texas. Well, Marathon Oil is joining in the festivities and purchasing as much land as they can! Wheeling and dealing is the name of the game and Marathon did just that.... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 MRO
  • The Market Takes A Rest - June 3, 2011
    The Wagner Daily - June 3, 2011 Concise technical analysis and picks of the leading global ETFs Commentary: Stocks ended the day mixed on light trade. The market was down modestly in the morning session but recovered in the afternoon to close near break even. On relatively quiet day the... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 DTO, GLD
  • A Beginner's Tactical ETF Portfolio for June
    Follow me on Twitter!In July 2009 I profiled a momentum based ETF portfolio. I track this portfolio (and others) monthly on Scott's Investments using Google Docs. The portfolio consists of the ETFs with the best momentum among 5 ETFs: BND (Vanguard Total Bond Market... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 BND, DBC, VEU
  • Sector ETF Portfolio for June...Rotating...
    Please see the right hand side of Scott's Investments for the June update to the US and Global Sector ETF portfolios. I track the performance of each month's portfolio as well as previous months' performance. A summary of the data is listed below, including the percent each ETF is... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 IXC, IXG, IXJ
  • skeetman1
    i have owned cvx for 5 years and the stock has i sell to capture the profits or do i hold for the increasing dividend?
    Jun. 3, 2011
  • Oil Services Stocks Show Strength
     This morning, the oil services stocks are all trading higher after a gap lower open. The highly popular Oil Services Holder Trust(NYSE:OIH) is trading higher by 0.77 cents to $152.45 a share. Traders must watch for intra-day resistance around the $153.00 and $154.25 levels. ... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 OIL
  • Beware the Ides of June
    Based on long-term averages, June has not been a good month for stock market returns.  Only September has been worse and the two months are the only ones that have negative averages.  The following graph from shows the average returns by month for the past 60... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 SPY, DIA, QQQ
  • Commission Free ETF Portfolios for June
    As a reminder to existing readers and an introduction to those new to the site, I track commission free ETF tactical asset allocation portfolios on the right hand side of  Scott's Investments. There are three portfolios which track some commission free ETF portfolios on TD Ameritrade... More »
    Jun. 3, 2011 BND, DBC, DJP