• Daily Analysis - 13/04/2011
    Eur/Usd is still pushing higher very nicely, after the most recent corrective pull-back found the support around 1.4375, which was wave 4 of an extended wave 3). Since new highs were established we now have five waves up from 1.4150 region which means that gains will likely slow down in the next... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Understanding the Federal Reserve Bank
    Understanding the Fed What exactly is the function of the Fed? If it's to help the U.S. economy grow steadily, they how come in 2007-2009 we had the biggest stock market crash in decades followed by "the Great Recession" and a worldwide financial crisis? For answers, let's turn to... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Rare Earth spot prices continue to soar up as China steps up efforts to stop illegal mining.
    New rules likely to raise price of rare earths4/13/11 By Zhang Qi (China Daily)Partial of article below:According to a JPMorgan report released on April 11, the prices of domestic rare earths continue to rise as China cuts back on illegal mining. Since March 28, domestic prices for cesium have... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 IQ, REE, AVL
  • The Language of Flowers/ Flower Meanings and Symbolism
    The Language of Flowers/ Flower Meanings and Symbolism Receiving and Sending Flowers is an ancient tradition. Even in the Medieval times, people used to send flowers as gifts to their loved ones. By mid 1700s  symbolic meanings were attached with flowers which served a great way of... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • TAM's Pedagogics: April 13th, 2011
    After a week of lacking any semblance of technical resolve it has finally come to pass. For now, the bears have won the battle and officially drawn definitive lines in the sand (1,340 for the SPX & 2,360 for the NDX). This, for many, is good news. Resolve provides ST portfolio... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 SPY, QQQ
  • Technical Analysis 4/13/2011
                                                     &nb... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Today's All Things Forex Broadcast: What's Next for the EUR, the USD and the GBP?
    In the broadcast today: What's Next for the EUR, the USD and the GBP? Following a sequence of important data from the U.K. and ahead of the spotlight U.S. and Euro-zone economic reports for the week, we focus on the EUR, the USD and the GBP, and explore the potential trend development scenarios... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 DIA, EEA, GBB
  • Daily Technical Strategist: EURUSD
    EURUSD: Eyes Further Strength. EURUSD:  Broader bias remains higher towards the 1.4576 level as long as EUR continues to hold and trade within its rising channel. The pair looks to strengthen further and retarget the 1.4576 level, its Jan 2010 high. Above this level will pave the way for... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Forex4you Technical Analysis 13 April 2011
    EUR/USD: Technical AnalysisThe exchange rate has risen as forecasted but is just shy of the target of 1.4550 on the 3 x 0.05 chart shown below. It will probably rise higher to meet this target before consolidating and perhaps correcting. In addition, the smaller 3 x 0.0005 chart has an upside... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • DAILY US OPENING NEWS - 13/04/11
        ·   S&P said it sees a 1 in 3 chance of Greek debt restructuring, however it sees Irish debt restructuring very unlikely   ·   Portuguese opposition leader said that the country needs additional austerity measures  ... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011