• 'World Markets Down as Commodities Threaten Profits'
    The AP title says it all this morning.  The recovery was produced by will of man (and woman, as Janet Yellen continues to work the 'good cop' side of the street with Ben Bernanke, opposite those thugs Plosser and Bullard on the other side, talking about withdrawing... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 SPY, DIA, GLD
  • 10 Lessons for Investors in the Wake of the CCME Scandal: Part II
    In the first part of this article, found here, I talked about several behavioral biases investors have that keep them from recognizing fraud. I also discussed the futility of relying on auditors and institutional investors to do your research for you. In the second part of the article I want to... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • HOGS Getting Slaughtered
    A lot of Chinese reverse merger (RTO) stocks have been hit very hard over the last several months as prominent stocks like RINO and CCME have been outed by "researchers"/short sellers as having questionable operations, if not outright frauds. In this type of environment, the due... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 HOGS
  • Nuclear troubles for PGN/DUK?
         I dont pretend to be an expert on nuclear power plants, indeed far from it. Having worked at one such plant for a few years now I am aware operating a nuclear plant is a complex process far above my pay grade and expertise, but I have learned a few things, which should... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 DUK, DUK
  • new investor
    hello everyone, I am asking for different advice. I recently had to take and close my managed 401 plan. And have to reinvest it myself trying to find great places to invest with a very rocky-weak  dollar. Any suggestions??????
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • Aubrey McClendon on Natural Gas Producers
     Photo Credit.McClendon is the CEO of Chesapeake Energy, and is not afraid to state his opinion. He recently spoke at an investment conference in New Orleans and spoke a lot about natural gas. He believes that gas-to-liquids is the wave of the future and would totally transform... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 CHK
  • Is Home Depot (HD) Ready To Rip Higher?
    Fundamentally speaking I hear that Home Depot and Lowe's stores are jam packed as folks are doing up their homes.  It's not clear what the reasons are for the sudden home improvement spurt.  Is it a) people doing up their homes because they feel better about their financial future and... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 HD, L
  • 3 Stocks to Profit from a Weak Dollar
    Shares of these three multinationals are likely to benefit from a beaten-down dollar, and given the strong technicals, we’re able to carefully define a good entry and exit strategy for each.Even though the dollar has attempted to stabilize this week, there are no signs yet of a sustainable... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011 MCD, UTX, DHR
  • Daily Technical Strategist: GBPUSD
    GBPUSD: Looks For Direction.GBPUSD:  The pair is looking for a clear direction as it continues to trade and hold within its established sideways trading range. GBP will have to break and close above the 1.6396 level  to resume its long term uptrend and open up further strength towards... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011
  • How to Convert AVI to iPad, iPad 2
    If you have download a bunch of AVI movies and would like to put AVI to iPad 2, then you are right here.Q: I have download some movies from bittorrent and it shows the movies are AVI files. I can play them on my pc without problems, however, when I import AVI movies to iTunes for my iPad 2, it... More »
    Apr. 14, 2011