• S&P500 daily Potential support at bottom of cloud Ichimoku vid Mar16th $SPY $SPX $SP_F $ES_F #SP500 #Ichimoku
    S&P500 daily Potential support at bottom of cloud Ichimoku vid Mar16th $SPY $SPX $SP_F $ES_F #SP500 #Ichimoku
    Mar. 16, 2011 SPY
  • Trading Results 3-16-11
    With Japan in the news rocking the financial markets I wasn’t expecting much today. I was happily surprised to find myself in the end day with several nice trades and a small pile of Yen sitting on my desk before the end of the day. I mean that figuratively as they don’t have... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
  • The Bruce Springsteen Portfolio
    You wouldn't be crazy to think that rabid Bruce Springsteen fans populate Wall Street, given the Boss's ties to New York City and Manhattan's close proximity to the swamps of Jersey. I am an unabashed Springsteen diehard. As a full-time trader and investor, I spend my days and nights scanning... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011 LYV, SPLS, SIRI
  • USDJPY Makes fresh all-time lows, 16th March 2011
    Forex Commentary: The yen rallied to a new all-time high against the dollar as traders speculated G-7 central bankers may be getting ready to intervene to drive the currency lower. Just before 5 p.m. New York time, dollar/yen broke through the 79.75 level and continued to tumble to as low as... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
  • Potential Fake Sell-Off
    by aarc
    There is a great possibility that this ongoing US Equity panic sell-off is short-term event driven rather than fundamentally sound . :-). Therefore, a single whip of bad  to good news change can result in a sudden rally 'nobody' expects specially those who are prone to panic in every 'The... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
     No Mr. Wise Guy today. The world is facing two crises in Japan and MENA. The nuclear issue in Japan appears out of control. At the same time, this tragedy is masking what's going in MENA as Gadhafi takes control and in Bahrain where the weird Sunni/Shiite battles rage. With the latter,... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011 IWM, QQQ, AAPL
  • Can Smartmoney Still Win in Biotech?
      When one thinks of the biotech industry, one is sure to conjure up grand ideas about boiler rooms, organized crime scams, and the general tomfoolery that is associated with this sector.  While it is true that these various shenanigans are quite prevalent in the industry, the smart... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
  • Potential Death Spiral
    by aarc
    SnP500 wavecount morphed today into a potential Death Spiral: - This wavecount follows the EW Rule of not allowing any wavecount sequence to have any overlap thus making the wavecount extremely complex when considering each run but easier to... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
  • For Thursday
    by TA4U
    First, the results: Last session's score :11 out of 12 went higher intraday. See for yourself, before 10h tonite (22h ETD): or check for yourself starting with my prior post in this blog. I DARE ANYONE TO GET BETTER RESULTS. Now... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011
  • Command Center (CCNI) Posts Solid 2010 Results, Positioning the Company for Continued Growth
    Command Center Inc., a national provider of on-demand and temporary staffing solutions, today announced its 2010 financial results, reporting a 35 percent increase in revenue to $69.44 million for the 53-week period ended December 31, 2010, as compared to revenue of $51.56 million for the... More »
    Mar. 16, 2011