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  • Candlestick Patterns:
    Recently we have been focusing on price action from a daily perspective. There has been no shortage  of great opportunities and wild swings. It is also exactly this type of market volatility that some day traders  thrive on as they can generate PNL on quick longs and or... More »
    May. 26, 2010
  • A Battle Of Risk Sentiment
    USDAfter exerting more pressure on the EUR and GBP in early trading the USD relented and began to trade in range Tuesday. Following the same tone, Wall Street started the day with downward momentum, but did recover enough to turn in mixed results on the major indexes.  The S&P/CS... More »
    May. 26, 2010
  • AGE OF RAGE: Its Either RICO or Control Fraud!
     We are entering the Age of Rage.It is presently most visible in Europe as austerity programs, that potentially could shred a half century of social entitlement advances, are met with increasingly violent street demonstrations. It is seen in the US Tea Party rallies with their fury... More »
    May. 26, 2010 Global Macro
  • Where is GLD's Gold?
    “You have to choose (as a voter) between trusting to the natural stability of gold and the natural stability of the honesty and intelligence of the members of the Government. And, with due respect for these gentlemen, I advise you, as long as the Capitalist system lasts, to vote for... More »
    May. 26, 2010 GLD, Gold and Precious Metals
  • Pace Plc - A share that has not run out of pace
    Thesis Summary Pace plc is the largest set-top box (STB) manufacturer globally, serving over 100 customers, including over a third of the top 100 PayTV operators. While it was successfully turned around and generates a substantial amount of free cash flow, the market seems to believe that Pace... More »
    May. 26, 2010 Pace, growth, set-top-boxes
  • ABB Open Offer - Would you buy NOW?
    Promoter of ABB Ltd have offered to buy 48.51 million shares, or 22.89%, in the firm from shareholders at Rs 900, a 8.8% premium to CMP of Rs 826.The offer by ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd and ABB Ltd (Switzerland) will launch on July 8 and will close on 27 July, HSBC Securities and Capital Markets... More »
    May. 26, 2010 ABB
  • Finding Investable Ideas in the Oil-Spill Disaster
    Now wasn’t that refreshing!  The Dow did a nearly 300-point dipsy-doodle yesterday, providing comic relief for millions of investors who might otherwise have spent the day fretting over the oil spill and North Korea’s quasi-declaration of war.  Earlier in the day, before... More »
    May. 26, 2010
  • A Bear Flag? Use It to Sell
    Impressive ShowingYesterday’s action was gutsy, in my view, as traders dug in their heels to produce a minute gain after the index’s rout with 1,040.78 and lots of action between there and 1,060 until the index raised its head and moved to close 0.38 to the positive.  In doing... More »
    May. 26, 2010 SDS, GLD, Bear Flag
  • Korea, Asia, and Beyond
    Asia hogged the spotlight yesterday as news centered on the growing tension between North and South Korea. Word on the street is that South Korean officials sent a text message saying, "You sank my battleship!" across the border. Ok, fine, it was much more serious than that and you can... More »
    May. 26, 2010
  • Daily Analysis - 26/05/2010
    Fundamental Analysis: GDP Price Index Traders of the US anticipate the publication of the GDP Price Index. The index measures the annualized change in the price of all goods and services included in GDP. Therefore - the GDP Price Index is a key inflation measure. A higher than expected reading... More »
    May. 26, 2010