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  • Africa Investment Fund Launched
    Aug. 7, 2010
  • stocks, bond, currencies...who is right?!?!
    This week the stock markets moved towards important resistances.In Usa indexes gave mixed signals. S&P500 close above resistance if one consider only closing levels, but if you look at the recent highs, the index didn't reach the level 1131,27. Nasdaq Comp is similar to S&P and... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010 LMT
  • Matt Taibbi - Wall Street's Big Win
    Excellent article. I recommend reading the whole thing... Matt tells the story behind the sabotage of real financial reform as reflected in the final bill. - Ilene  Wall Street's Big Win Finance reform won't stop the high-risk gambling that wrecked the economy - and Republicans... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010 wall street, financial reform
  • Bull Face?
    by aarc
    It ain't over till it's done. The rally from 1,011 of July 1 is as confusing as it is since we are inside a corrective trading range from the April 26 high of 1220 to the July 1st low.   Basically there are an almost infinite way by which corrective patterns can form as compared to... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010
  • Market ends the week up but not by much
    As I do every weekend I like to take a step back from the trading and hype and look objectively where the market stands. I use Barchart to find my data and I use 3 yardsticks because although each one measures the trend of the market, each set of data has some inherent errors and each measures... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010 Investment strategy
  • Stock Focus List 08/07
    08/07   @10:30amSelective Chartists has provided subscribers with a STOCK FOCUS LIST comprising of 2meeting the Selective Chartists CRITERIA & 7 stocks that are CLOSE to meeting the CRITERIA. Selective Chartists monitors a database of approx. 750 securities with the goal of... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010
  • Weekly SP-500 Market Trend Commentary
    *** Status: Market Bullish - Bonds or Sector Positions *** The general market trading filter I use (SP-500 53 day CCI) is at 104 indicating Market Up. My multiple composite SP-500 indicators on the daily chart are also all "in the green" indicating a bullish stance.  We are still... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010 SPY, SPY, ETF
  • Digital Realty Trust- Worthy of Your Watch List
    Digital Realty Trust Inc. (DLR) Digital Realty Trust, Inc., a real estate investment trust (REIT),through its controlling interest in Digital Realty Trust, L.P., engages in the ownership, acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management of technology-related real estate. It focuses on... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010 DLR, Real Estate
    Paul Krugman, in his usual shrill teenage girl like manner, shreeks about Paul Ryan as being evil, a liar, and a threat to all humanity on the planet. Whenever I see ultra-liberal socialists like Krugman apopletic about someone on the Republican side of the aisle, you know that the person... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010
  • Why Banks are strong. Sample from
    Banks have a great cash flow as long as mark to market accounting is not brought back Yes they have a lot of"bad paper" no doubt But the huge yield curve is where their profits are made BAC you are buying for less than book value John Paulson who made 20 billion SHORTING the banks is... More »
    Aug. 7, 2010