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  • Is HTDS Ready For A Breakout Upwards?
    Share price for HTDS closed below 0.0030 for the first time in 40 days with the day wrapping up a closing black marubozu at 0.0029. Although the shadow on the marubozu is bearish, underlying technical indicators look encouraging for a bullish turnaround on Friday.Looking first at the... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 Biotech
  • NASDAQ Sets A New High as Volume Rises
    The morning part of the session sure looked like it was going to signal a big day of selling in the market.  Panic set in as the market opened as volatility jumped more than 10% across the board.  Sellers were doing their best to keep up the pressure on stocks, but it simply wasn't in... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 GOOG, CMG, BIDU
  • Congressional Report Today will Fault Ratings Agencies
    A report to be released today by the Senate subcommittee on investigations will find that credit rating agencies failed to meet their responsibilities.  From a report from by Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Kevin Sieff:The top two US ratings agencies – Moody’s... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 MCO, Standard Poor's
  • South Auckland Propery Manager
    Manukau Property Manager
    Apr. 22, 2010
  • Exchange Rate Conundrum
    There is a great deal of talk about pressurizing China to appreciate its currency. The talk is bunk. The idea behind Chinese currency appreciation is not simply about China but it is about an exchange rate regime change. Asking China to let its currency appreciate in isolation will achieve... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 currency
  • Nasdaq Makes New Yearly High!
    The market opened lower today.  The dollar jumped on more worries on Greece and the commodity sectors were weak.  However, jobless claims numbers fell and housing sales jumped.  The market soon staged a dramatic upswing.  Techs led the way.  AAPL reached a new all-time... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 AAPL, FFIV, SNDK
  • FACEBOOK's (& the CIA's?) latest move, to OWN the web?
    . Renowned "Geek" and probably by far the webs best known blogger in his field, Robert Scoble clearly makes no bones about Facebooks new announcement when he writes, that ."Facebook wants to own your digital fingerprints." Scoble says: "I'd expect to see Facebook's new... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010
  • A step away from coal is a step in the right direction....
    Almost every article you would read over the past year on Bloomberg in reference to natural gas prices would refer to how industrial demand has fallen off.  Yet, it was rare to see a reporter mention how the electricity producers had continued to up their consumption of... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 XEL, Natural Gas, coal
  • XLY still overbought
    Most people think when something is overbought it is a bad thing. Well I say sometimes it is a great thing. The only way for something to get overbought is if it is being bought. When something is in an uptrend and RSI, for example, gets "too high" I take it as a sign of strength.... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 XLY, Overbought
  • Conflicted Goldman
    Breaking news from the Financial Times posted by Patrick Jenkins at, reveals that Goldman Sachs (GS) was both an underwriter and investor in the Lloyds Banking Group (LYG) refinancing in late 2009.  Such a situation has the potential for serious conflicts of interest.According... More »
    Apr. 22, 2010 GS, LYG