• Weekend Linkfest
    Mr. Mumbarak, Turn on that Internet! - Why the Egyptian Gov't are failing in their handling of the protests.Dude, Where's My Correlation - "there is the obligation to respect the market’s message and let the “reason” present itself later".Delisting... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
  • Remembering the Flash Crash
    I came across this video today where you hear live traders and their reaction on May 6th, which of course is the day of the Flash Crash. It's always useful and interesting to go back and revisit trader's reactions on monumental trading events such as this to see if you can learn how to react or... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
  • FACEBOOK (and 'Friends'), WILL (prove to BE) GOOGLE'S DOWNFALL
    "How will Google and Facebook compete? The goal of each is to be the point of entry for Web users, the theory being that whoever controls the gateway will deliver the most effective advertising platform". Not exactly my words but I (myself), have so often talked of a future Facebook Ad... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
  • Seven Interesting Things I Learned at The Activist Investor Conference
    Last week, DealFlow Media hosted its annual Activist Investor Conference in New York. The event encompassed two full days of panels composed of activist investors, attorneys, proxy solicitation and advisory firms, corporate governance experts, and academics. Here are seven interesting things... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
  • Letter From the Editor: Announcing The Rational Walk’s Berkshire Hathaway Corner
    Dear Readers, I am pleased to announce the rollout of The Rational Walk’s Berkshire Hathaway Corner! The Berkshire Hathaway Corner is an effort to offer readers a consolidated source of quality information and analysis on topics relevant to the company.  Over the past two years,... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011 BRK.A, BRK.B
  • Technical Indicators turn BEARISH
    Technical Indicators turn Bearish:   To All readers of Seeking Alpha, it looks like the other shoe fell in terms of my indicators.  Both of them are now in Bearish Territory.While I advocate always being invested in the market (see Background Information below), duly note... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
    Per PRXL website:PAREXEL is a leading global bio/pharmaceutical services organization that helps clients expedite time-to-market through our development and launch services. Ok-what ever. This is not a fundamental write up. In Fact, even though the market is about to pull back and even... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011 PRXL
  • Lets talk Charts 7
    Lets Talk Charst 7 ReviewWow we did very well this week, we made a popular 24.60% in one week monstly thanks to the rally in INFN.  Results are based on buying the equity on the closing price of Jan-28th and selling on close of Friday Feb-4thWow protests in Egypt spark a buying opportunity... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011 HRB, ABBC, INFN
  • Political Risk - Egypt & Saudi Arabia
    by adt
    Endeavoring to get into context the emerging political risk in several Arab countries; There is clearly risk emerging for financial markets and it has particularly been linked to the US and the US currency, if not the broader financial system. I find the risk however to be somewhat muted... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011
  • NZDUSD pin bar, EURUSD recap, 29th January 2011
    Forex Commentary: The U.S. dollar and Swiss franc are likely to hold gains next week should tensions in Egypt persist, raising concerns about stability in the Middle East and North Africa and increasing investor demand for safer havens. A slew of economic data and central bank decisions is due... More »
    Jan. 29, 2011