• Arcos Dorados IPO Thursday, Economic Snapshot v. MCD
     Arcos Dorados (ARCO) IPO, Economic Snapshot Arcos Dorados IPO will price Wednesday and first trade Thursday, only the fourth chain restaurant IPO in the US since 2006, and the largest MCD franchisee. ARCO operates 1292 self-operated McDonald’s in Latin America, the Caribbean and... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 MCD, ARCO
  • Market Shifts Direction on Commodity Selling
    Investors shifted their focus to selling commodities. The energy sector was the highlight of their focus as crude oil declines 5.5% in two days. After hitting a closing peak of $112.73 it closed at $106.60. The selling didn’t stop with oil; agriculture and metals were sold as well along... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Financial Stocks Fade From Open
     This morning the street was raving about the J.P.Morgan Chase & Co.(NYSE:JPM) earnings. The stock was trading higher in the pre-market by 0.85 cents to $47.56 a share. Since the opening bell rang at the New York Stock Exchange the stock has declined sharply lower trading negative... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 JPM, WFC, BAC
  • Powering the World's Need for Energy with Coal
    Powering the World's Need for Energy with Coal Where is the Opportunity? (Peabody Energy Corporation (BTU) vs. L & L Energy, Inc. (LLEN) vs. Massey Energy Co. (MEE)) Over the past eighteen months the worldwide coal industry has undergone a significant and explosive transformation, one that... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 BTUUQ, LLEN, MEE
  • DMCI Holdings (DMC) Hits All-Time High!
      Last March 25, I presented my stock picks as a guest speaker for the Absolute Traders event “BULL pa ba or BEAR na ba???” and one of them was DMCI Holdings Inc. or DMC as listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (kindly check here). I mentioned that... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
    What follows is a hypothetical, purely fictitious conversation between hedge fund magnate, Steven A. Cohen, and Fred Wilpon, principal owner of the New York Mets.   As a long suffering Mets fan, I hope this dream comes true. SAC:    I don’t care what it takes Fred,... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Joel Greenblatt Has A Big Secret For You...
    The past few weeks have seen Joel Greenblatt, the father of Magic Formula Investing (MFI), out promoting his new book released Tuesday, titled The Big Secret for the Small Investor. MagicDiligence is in the process of reading the book, and a full review should be up as early as next week. From... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 XOM, AAPL
  • Trading 101: Breaking the losing streak  -- Lately my blogs have been about my plans and my dismal trading. I am happy to report that, as of yesterday, I broke the streak and gained some confidence in my trading ability. Over the weekend,  I went back to the drawing board and created a plan to get me back... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011 BVN, COH, HD
  • Boot on Neck, Hand in Back Pocket By Charles Payne
    As we brace for the new White House budget today, I worry about the re-starting of class warfare and the media demagogue that serves two functions. A) Demonizing the so-called rich means taking from hard-working people that are decidedly not rich. But, these people are achievers and they have... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011
  • Being Bullish on the Market is Still Acceptable Given Positive Average Return Stats and Strong Support at 1300 — Tuesday, April 12 the SPYs gapped down 56bps.  I ran a basic study on how the market tends to react following a gap down day.  On days when the SPYs gapped down more than 50bps, the median next day return wass +11bps while the average wass +16bps.  The... More »
    Apr. 13, 2011