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  • Australian Tax Review - Recommendations and Response
    The Henry Tax Review report and recommendations have been released today.The final report can be downloaded at: Excutive Summary is at: Australian government has also... More »
    May. 2, 2010 Australia, taxation, global markets
  • Week Ahead Trade Idea on Citigroup Put Options
    I'm thinking that a slew of bad news is going to come out this week. We are expecting some of the usual stuff, bad economic number releases, Goldman chatter, Greek debt. However, we will probably see what then next batch of bad news issues is going to take the place of the formerly listed topics... More »
    May. 2, 2010 C, Financials, Banks
  • April 2010 Monthly Wrap: Running For Gold!
    The market ended the month of April with a volitile week.  Between financial reform issues and the investigation on Goldman Sachs, in addition to debt problems in Europe, not even solid earnings and better jobs numbers could keep the market up.  Nevertheless, we finished... More »
    May. 1, 2010 WYNN, FFIV, CREE
  • Enjoy the party but stay close to the door!
      Before last week’s wobbling, the market enjoyed 8 consecutive gaining weeks. The bull keeps roaring ahead and pullbacks have remained short-lived so far. The question is should one hang on or let go? Isn’t that rally getting a bit long in the tooth? Will Club Med countries... More »
    May. 1, 2010
  • General Motors Self Inflicted Problems
    Introduction The bailout of GM and Chrysler are the results of many decades of willful neglect of good business practices by the leadership of the auto industry. That both are now making long-deferred strategic changes under government ownership tells us a lot about what happens when internal... More »
    May. 1, 2010 BGM, GM, GMS
  • Market Outlook for the first half of May of 2010
    I am sure that I am going to state the obvious -- US equity markets are currently in the consolidation mode, and all technical traders are looking at the same levels – ~ 1,990 on NDX or ~ 1,185 on SPX as the key lines of support. As I am 70% price action and 30% macro economics trader,... More »
    May. 1, 2010 SPY, QQQ, Macro
  • Tired and Cautious
    The uphill climb is tiring, evident this week as the trek has slowed and the markets hit a ceiling, pausing for a breather.  Has the climb taken too much out of the investment community, and are we ready to take a short-ride down?  Probably not, at least not yet, although a corrective... More »
    May. 1, 2010
  • Caution Signs
    I think its a time for extreme caution in the stock market and here's why:The investor sentiment as measured by the put/call ratio is off the charts.   People have not been this bullish in a long, long time.   The senitment is a contrary indicator:  the market often goes... More »
    May. 1, 2010 IWM, GS, QQQ
  • Top Current Holdings With Their Total Returns Since Purchase That Were Higher On Friday
    stock symbol – % return since purchase/first purchase – date of purchase MHR 303% 8/21/09 AEZ 111% 12/1/09 PCYC 86% 1/27/10 MPET 76% 9/8/09 WBMD 59% 6/18/09 KERX 13% 4/29/10 UPI 10% 4/26/10Disclosure: Long: All Positions
    May. 1, 2010 AOIX, PCYC, MPET
  • Jake Towne - Jobs Talk at Moravian College
    The rough transcript from April 27, 2010 is fully sourced from the campaign's Jobs plank, or just click on the links in the attached file here.  My thanks to Kristian Cantens and Moravian College for the invitation to speak.  The presentation can be downloaded from here or from Scribd... More »
    May. 1, 2010