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  • Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: ACTC)
    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development of cellular therapies for the treatment of rare and common diseases that impact millions of people worldwide. The company applies stem cell-based technologies and other proprietary methods in the area... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 D
  • China's Currency Move a Success
    When the Chinese government changed its currency policy last month to allow appreciation of the renminbi, skeptics like New York Times columnist Paul Krugman called the move a lame ploy to placate U.S. and European critics ahead of the G20 summit.It appears this judgment may have been too quick... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 China, Renminbi, Yuan
  • Waiting For A Break
    Higher buy-volume gives the Bull a vote of confidence, but chartwise we're still in "no man's land." With the 50-day moving averages still serving as resistance for the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq, there's much to prove before taking a bullish bias. The same can be said for the... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 DIA, SPY, QQQ
  • Hirotako (HIRO MK)
    Hirotako (HIRO MK) 7/20/2010   Summary How would you like to buy a country-wide monopolist for 1x book and 3x EBIT? Hirotako (HIRO MK) has what amounts to a government-sanctioned monopoly in airbags and seatbelts in Malaysia. The company aggressively defends its monopoly against the rare... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 Automobile, monopoly, Malaysia
  • Oil Service HOLDRs (NYSE: OIH) Rises Above Resistance
    July 21, 2010Shares of the ETF Oil Service HOLDRs Trust (NYSE: OIH) are looking better after their steep May to June selloff that ended on June 9.On Tuesday, July 20, shares prices surged 3% on heavy volume and broke above their 50-day moving average. OIH closed near its highs at... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 OIH, Oil Service HOLDRs, Oil Service
  • Latest Mock Fund Results YTD
    Period 7 of 13 now complete.
    Jul. 20, 2010
  • Gold In Major Correction
    Gold is experiencing a significant correction and the gold stocks are in somehow worse shape. Recent data shows optimism about global growth and little immediate worry about inflation, major recent drive for gold demand. The euro gained strength and has been on the rise since early June. Gold... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 GLD, GOLD
  • Redbox poised to split home video market with Netflix
    The rise of Redbox as the first legitimate challenger to Netflix suggests that the two companies are poised to split the home video rental market along the "frequent user" and "casual user" continuum. How is it that brick-and-mortar Blockbuster can be bankrupt by the... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 NFLX, BBL, OUTR
  • Monsanto Revamping For Bright Future
    Monsanto (MON) was one of the hottest stocks last week, rising 9.7% due to the expansion into the wheat industry and executive insider trading. Monsanto is one of the largest agriculture companies in the world specializing in crop production and seeds. We believe the stock hit the... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010 MON
  • Are the Auto Stocks Revving Up?
    The auto stocks have rallied off the early July lows along with everything else in the stock market. These stocks are forming some daily chart patterns that may lead to some possible trading opportunities. Some individual names in this sector certainly look better than other auto names. Let's... More »
    Jul. 20, 2010