• Best Breakout Watch Stocks 6/24/2016
    6/24/2016 - Today's best setups for breakout watch stocks. These stocks have strong momentum and some are nearing new highs see DG ED LMT TAHODG stock chart(click to enlarge)More technical analysis reports at
    Fri, Jun. 24 DG, ED, LMT
  • Here's How Two Part-Time DBAs Maintain Mobile App Ad Platform Tapjoy's Massive Data Needs
    The next BriefingsDirect Voice of the Customer big data case study discussion examines how mobile app advertising platform Tapjoy handles fast and massive data -- some two dozen terabytes per day -- with just two part-time database administrators (DBAs).Examine how Tapjoy's data-driven business... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24 HPE
  • Brexit Too Shall Pass…
    The stock market hates uncertainty; that fact has been established from the day one. If the rest of the investing public hasn't heard about "Brexit" vs "Bremain"…it's not necessarily a bad thing. There is always something to worry about and now with a vote by the... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24
  • What Happens Next... The Timeline...
    What do you call a 'Brexit' flowchart? Is it a 'blowchart'?(click to enlarge)(Citi)Artist's impression of this week's market versus Brexit vote. "Cheer these guys on as they try to do the impossible. the moon shot."
    Fri, Jun. 24
  • Recent Sales - The Big Reset Edition
    I have broken the one rule that dividend growth investors never dream about doing and Im sure this will not be a popular post with the community. I sold part of my portfolio and took some of my money off the market! I have been antsy over the past few months and decided that for the sake of my... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24 AAPL, AGU, AMGN
  • Impact Of Brexit. Buy European Equities Down More Than 6%-8%
    Impact of Brexit.How bad can Brexit be, for Britain, for the EU? Consequences will be limited for Britain. It's a big political warning for the EU, but not more than that. I buy European equities down 6%-8% today because the drop is more about fear of Euro-zone countries potentially leaving the... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24
  • Flowers Foods: Dividend Growth In A 30,000 Year Old Industry
    Published June 21st, 2016 by Eli InkrotNearly 99% of United States households purchase baked bread. Bread is popular today, and it has been popular for a very long time.Evidence suggests humans first started baking bread 30,000 years ago. Making bread is one of the oldest businesses in the... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24
  • FREEDOM WINS!! And I'll Take Advantage Of The Sheeple (SRPT)
    by GGjr
    FREEDOM WINS!! And I'll Take Advantage Of The Sheeple (SRPT)6/24/2016Last week. I made a few pennies on rolling SRPT. This am it's defying gravity:I decided to have a taste of the cherry roll again today while everyone was freaking out.(click to enlarge)reducing my potential cost basis to:(click... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24 SRPT
  • Brexit: Bargain Hunting May Be Misguided
    Brexit: Bargain Hunting May be MisguidedUnited Kingdom is a huge part of the world economy, the GDP value of the UK represents approximately 5% percent of the world economy. The consequences of leaving the EU could create a slow moving domino effect that could have geo-political and economic... More »
    Fri, Jun. 24
  • Surveying The Damage...
    Ok, so here's a full chart pack for the morning after."The Morning After: Surveying Brexit Damage"Here's my favorite:(click to enlarge)As seen in many a Japanese exporter board room.
    Fri, Jun. 24 FXY, FXB