Editors' Picks

  • Monday, July 25th

    Ability's Achilles' Heel
    Quintum Capital ABIL 24 Comments
  • American Capital Agency's Q2 2016 And 7/22/2016 Book Value Projection
    Scott Kennedy ACAS, ARCC, ARR 13 Comments
  • Sunday, July 24th

    Microsoft: The Case For Breakthrough Growth Expectations
    Bert Hochfeld MSFT 26 Comments
  • My Earnings Game Plan: July 25-27
    Nicholas Ward AAPL, AMGN, BA 56 Comments
  • Apple: Sifting The iPhone 7 Rumors
    Mark Hibben SSNLF, TSM, AAPL 125 Comments
  • As Long As The Music Is Playing, Should You Keep Dancing?
    William Koldus, CFA, CAIA BAC, BCS, BTUUQ 46 Comments
  • Don't Run Out Of Gas In Mendocino County
    The Heisenberg JNK, HIX, DHY 27 Comments
  • Weighing The Week Ahead: What Does The Election Mean For Stocks?
    Jeff Miller DIA, SPY, QQQ 48 Comments
  • Saturday, July 23rd

    Svenska Handelsbanken: Its Unique Banking Model Is Well-Positioned To Withstand Headwinds
    Renaissance Research SVNLY, SVNLF 22 Comments
  • Premium Brands Holdings: Growth Story Financed By Shareholders
    Timberwolf Equity Research MLFNF, SBUX, PRBZF 2 Comments
  • High Dividend Stock Yields 10%, Pays Monthly, Is Below Book Value
    Double Dividend Stocks HRZN 46 Comments
  • Friday, July 22nd

    Friday Night Reflections: Groundhog Day
    The Heisenberg QQQ, VXX, DIA 69 Comments
  • Energy Recap: Rig Count Increases For The 4th Straight Week
    SA Editor Michelle Carini USO, OIL, UWTI 28 Comments
  • AMD: Consoles Save The Day
    Mark Hibben INTC, MSFT, NVDA 286 Comments
  • Why Facebook Will Keep Growing: Digital Marketers Matter
    Xuebing Wang FB 62 Comments
  • Shifting Mix At Nexeo Solutions Drives ~70% Upside
    Lester Goh NXEO 1 Comment
  • Home Depot's Lesser Known Strengths
    Jessica Li LOW, HD 22 Comments
  • Bristow Group: Near Term Catalyst For 45% Drop
    Richard Pearson EAC, HELIF, BRS 21 Comments
  • More Than One Way To Skin A Cat And Enhance Income
    George Schneider ARCC, CTL, ED 84 Comments