Editors' Picks

  • Friday, September 20th, 2013

    Perficient, Inc. Is Winning And So Can You - 50% Upside Going Forward
    Shaun Currie, CFA ACN, CTSH, INFY 4 Comments
  • Ship Finance Offers Good Returns For Above-Average Risks
    Stephen Simpson, CFA SDRL, FRO, SFL 9 Comments
  • How To Calculate The Intrinsic Value Of Your Common Stocks: Part 1
    Chuck Carnevale BMS, GIS, KMB 160 Comments
  • Xyratex: Baker Street Bets Half The Fund, Imminent Catalyst For 70% Upside
    Kingsley Park Capital XRTX 37 Comments
  • Datalink: An Underappreciated, Long-Term Play On Cloud Computing
    Vince Martin DTLK 5 Comments
  • Perion: A Misunderstood And Unappreciated Merger
    Lares Capital AVG, IAC, GOOG 13 Comments
  • 6 Reasons I Am Short Synergy Resources
    Josh Young BBG, CRZO, GST 7 Comments
  • How Will The No Taper Surprise Affect Stocks?
    James A. Kostohryz DIA, TLT, VNQ 133 Comments
  • Thursday, September 19th, 2013

    Sunshine Heart Stock Offering: Why Now?
    Robert Honeywill HTWR, THOR, SSH 38 Comments
  • Rofin-Sinar Looking To A Cyclical Recovery And Fiber Share Gains
    Stephen Simpson, CFA COHR, NOVT, NEWP 1 Comment
  • LSI Looks Like A Compelling Buy Ahead Of A Solid 2014
    Ashraf Eassa FB, FIO, MRVL 9 Comments
  • Apple Versus Intel: What's Going On Here?
    Ashraf Eassa AMKR, ASX, GOOG 149 Comments
  • 3 Reasons Why Sanofi Rights (GCVRZ) Could Return 50% This Year
    Chris DeMuth Jr. CELG, SNY, GCVRZ 174 Comments
  • Alaska Air Still Different, Still Undervalued
    Stephen Simpson, CFA DAL, UAL, JBLU 3 Comments
  • The Case For The U.S. REIT Bull Market
    Morgan Myrmo VER, ARPI, DLR 28 Comments
  • Now Is The Time To Be Fearful
    Jake Huneycutt KIE, SPY 752 Comments
  • Emerging Markets Revisited
    Elliott R. Morss EEM, FXI, EPHE 10 Comments
  • Fleetmatics Group PLC: Accounting Shenanigans Are Inflating Its Financials, While Insiders Sell Aggressively
    Prescience Point CAMP, MIXT, CRM 35 Comments
  • Macroeconomic Data Surprises: To What Extent Do They Affect Global Financial Markets?
    Alok Ranjan SPY, VXX 2 Comments
  • GeoInvesting Blows The Whistle On L&L Energy
    The GeoTeam LPIH, LLEN 69 Comments