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Apple (AAPL +2.6%) commanded 57% of smartphone profits in Q1, and Samsung (SSNLF.PK) 43%,...

Apple (AAPL +2.6%) commanded 57% of smartphone profits in Q1, and Samsung (SSNLF.PK) 43%, estimates Canaccord's Mike Walkley. All other OEMs collectively broke even, after having lost money last year. Apple's profit share is down from 2012's 69%, and Samsung's up from 2012's 34% - chalk those changes up to Samsung's share gains and Apple's gross margin decline. Walkley also writes Samsung's Galaxy S4 is off to a strong start (in spite of some reports of overheating), that checks indicate U.S. BlackBerry Z10 (BBRY +0.7%) sales are soft, and that U.K. Q10 supplies have been limited.
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  • This is the same guy who cut Z10 sales to 300k last quarter, only to increase it to 800k a couple weeks later, but still missed the target when BBRY reported.


    I think he has a nice dart board where he works.
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  • I think he sits on his dart board.
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  • did anyone look at BBRY Z10 - its exact replica of iPhone 5 in size and dimensions. Shameless copy cat and the CEO had the guts to say apple is giving 5 year old OS
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  • Obviously you haven't looked at the Z10 or the Q10.
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  • There are dumb comments about things Blackberry aplenty, but yours takes the prize!


    Have you ever tried to replace a battery on any iphone? Or try to add SD memory?


    Just some real physical distinctions of Z10 from isomething . . . .!
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  • Where's the home button? No silver band around the side and obvious rubber upper and lower bands. The Galaxy S2 was meant to fool people into thinking you were holding an iPhone. Z10 wants people to know you're not, you're holding a BlackBerry.


    Sorry, reply was meant for BMW guy.
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  • I'm looking at my z10 and my ios phone as I type sorry but not the same detentions check you specks again. This is not an replication of the iPhone 5
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  • 57% + 43% = 100%! No one else sold any smartphone's? Is this guy serious?
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  • Exact replica? The Z10 has a larger screen, slimmer profile, rubber back, better operating system with NO need for a a backwards "home" button, an HDMI output..just to name a few. Tell me how is an Iphone
    better than a Z10?


    flicked from my supersmart BlackBerry Z10 smartphone device
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  • johnny, this is based on profits, not on number of units sold. The other guys add up to 0%, because when you add them all together, they break even.
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  • That's what happens when you buy a cheap plastic knock off.
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  • The author was talking about profits not about sales. BBRY, MOT,whoever are giving their phones away. So , "yes", only Samsung and Apple are actually making money selling smartphones. This should be a warning; stated in Tim Cooks words, "Don't bet against Apple". One smart move by Apple or any serious misstep by Samsung and the flow of users will be in the direction of Apple. There is no a next new thing. The Smart phone war is the investment war of the decade. It is therefore a war of Market share and profit margins. Apple is still solidly in this game.
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  • Yes, the Z10 is a shameless copy of the iPhone 5. Of course to think that you would have to assume that Apple invented the rectangle. After you get past the rectangle there is very little the Z10 and and iPhone have in common.
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  • owns the patent on rectangles.
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  • As a BBRY long I decided I had better put my money where my mouth was and change my ageing IPhone for a Blackberry - I opted for the Q10 ..


    WOW !


    Battery life after 4 days and reasonable use of my phone, email, browser and Skype is till above 50% - what a difference - my Iphone could barely manage a days heavy usage ..


    And the BB hub is just the neatest tool I have ever used -no more frantic swiping and closing of app's - its all there in one really useful location, all my text messages, skype messages, facebook, email etc.


    Oh and I skype give 3 months free world calls via skype - so thats nice litlle perk when you redeem and download skype on the Q10.


    I am still learning my way around system - but so far I have to say its been a brilliant experience and I sincerley dont want to knock my old Iphone just because I am long on BBRY - but honestly - I am a convert not just for profit - but the Q10 is a masterpeice - so well thought out and executed - I am LONG LONG LONG on BBRY now - and its been a painful 14 months or so - but I am definately in (and very confidently so) for the long haul now !
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  • @stoufville,


    Just curious, what's your general daily usage? Des your work space integrate well w your new, Q10? Do you need to have your email and cal and contacts integrated across all devices say iPad , cell, and laptop? If you are using other Mac devices do you need 3rd party support to sync? How about migrating to your Q10 describe that experience if applicable?


    As an investor these questions are seldom addressed and yet these are the very reasons why most Mac users stay loyal - these create the renowned user experience.
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  • WOAH! You got the good one!
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  • Hi,


    the main items I use are my email, skype, Browser and of course make calls - text is less of a function for me.


    I run a small software firm of about 30 staff and the most critical app's for me are email, skype and browser (e.g. for Facebook messages...)


    Our email is setup to run as an IMAP based system - so email is integrated across all devices and skype likewise - so the BB HUB is excellent to use as a unified messaging center for all this and my calls - if I were a big texter then that would be key too and its there if needed.


    All of the above dont require any special external synching and I do use desktop PC, laptop, Ipad and my smartphone at differing times in the day.


    I can tell you now - its extremly convenient using the BB hub to have it all centralised - on a PC or laptop its relatively easy to move between app's as you have a mouse - obviosuly using my IPad or tel I dont - and most certainly BB have the upper hand over Apple here - its extremly easy and convenient.


    Migration for me was no big deal - all my skype contacts tel numbers were immeadiatley available also in my tel contacts list for use - I guess there is some import routine operating in the back ground - I dont know if there is way to migrate others from my IPhone - for now I am just updating them as they call me - or entering them manually as needed.


    For me - the best surprise apart form the Hub have been the battery life, the keyboard (I am new to BB and love it!) and the browser.


    I know all equipment shoudl be better than the last product you used or whats the point in upgrading - but I can honestly say this has been as refreshingly oustanding experience as I can remember from a new peice of kit - on a par with my Ipad which I have to concede has been a real winner too.


    So to anyone long on BB I would say relax - your Payday is coming (and why not go out and buy the Q10 too!)


    to anyone short on BB I would say - honestly - if you are hoping that the Q10 is not going to change things - I would be very very concerned - it really is that good.
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  • What a story. Should be on the BBRY website.
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  • 4 days of use and battery life still above 50%? No comment.
    BTW, it's surprising that a former owner wouldn't know it's "iPhone".
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  • @stouf:
    Loved the story.
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  • @stoufville,


    thanks for the real world testimony.


    @ daugherty, what? I didn't get that?
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  • On a related note, per the AdDuplex data it looks like Nokia sold 1M+ Lumia 520s, and 3M+ total Lumias in April alone. If true, this would beat Nokia's Q2 Lumia volume estimate of ~7M by a wide margin.


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  • Long both (NOK) and (BBRY).
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  • If this is true - Margins falling, market share eroding and now profit share falling as well - then AAPL shareholder should thank God for the Buy Back.............well, at least for the time being, since long term story is over.
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  • (AAPL) will make a comeback when they release their next new product.
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  • Canaccord, enough said. Translation: Z10 sales are strong and Q10 sales are even stronger.
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  • I have yet to see one person in the US with a Z10 or a Q10...
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  • good for you. q10 will not be released till end of may. I guess all the sales so far have been to ghosts!
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  • We still won't see anyone in the USA with a Q10 after May. BBRY people need to wake up and stop with the rhetoric. Nothing's changing.
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  • It is rumored that Walkley supports a short position for BBRY and that Canaccord is in it up to their armpits. Take any analysis the issue for BBRY with extreme skepticism. Walkley is the analyst who touted shares of Apple when they were at 700 to rise to 1000. How's that workin' for you?
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  • Apple & Samsung shared 103% of the smartphone profits in 2012? Good trick!
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  • It was bound to happen. Samsung phones are cheap plastic Korean knockoffs. First there were reports of laggedness. Then there was the breakability factor that found the GS4 was more easily breakable than other phones. Now the over heating problem with many users is rampant acccoding to the link above. I would not buy a GS 4.
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  • For sure, APPL will still make money in the next few years but I will not expect it to double in value again. While BBRY or NOK might have a chance to do so - do your own due diligence.


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  • Canaccord, seriously?


    The National Enquirer is to news what Canaccord is to Investment Research.
    7 May 2013, 02:10 AM Reply Like
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