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Prashant Gandhi, the head of project management for Cisco's (CSCO) software-defined networking...

Prashant Gandhi, the head of project management for Cisco's (CSCO) software-defined networking (SDN) efforts, has left to join SDN startup Big Switch, which in March unveiled an open standards-based SDN solution declared an alternative to Cisco and VMware/Nicira's more proprietary offerings. Gandhi helped develop Cisco's ONE SDN controller. Tom Black, another key member of Cisco's SDN team, left last October for startup Arista. Meanwhile, leveraging the Contrail Systems acquisition, Juniper (JNPR) today unveiled an SDN controller that the company promises won't require major hardware changes; will this affect flexibility?
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  • Support of SDN and OpenFlow would force Cisco to forego large maintenance contracts with existing customers that use their proprietary networks. Therefore there is no real support for SDN at Cisco. That’s why these senior SDN resources are leaving.


    Software Defined Networks go in easy. You build a template for one switch and apply it to all the others. That’s SDN. Cisco’s definition of Software Defined Networking makes like SDN is a far off concept, then gently transitions into a description of their proprietary solution.


    Cisco - Software defined networking (SDN) is an evolutionary approach to network design and functionality based on the ability to programmatically modify the behavior of network devices. Although still in its infancy, there is a great deal of optimism that SDN will make networks more flexible, dynamic, and cost-efficient, while greatly simplifying operational complexity. Cisco has recently begun unveiling its open network environment, a broad vision around extending network capabilities and extracting greater intelligence from network traffic through programmatic
    interfaces. SDN is a component of this open network environment….a closely related aspect of SDN, the concept of Virtual Network Overlays, based on Cisco Nexus® 1000V, a virtual switch for multihypervisor environments. Through programmatic interfaces to the Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual supervisor module (VSM), Cisco will be enabling automation-centric provisioning of cloud infrastructures. The result is a dynamic and scalable way of building multitenant or hybrid cloud networks and massively scalable data centers that are optimized and operationally efficient.




    Cisco is under siege and they have no direction in SDN. The vendors that build SDN switches are taking market share from Cisco. Check out Gartner, it’s well documented. Companies are receiving significant cost savings and improved performance. All the open modern network protocols are available and the switches are easy to manage. Cisco is acting as if OpenFlow and SDN have not already happened.
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  • I am a simple man that invests based on information from financial resources and the urgings of a few financial "experts" that profess to understand the arena. I bought into Cisco heavily because of Jim Cramer and am going to take a bath. Cramer was buying the stock and about 4 to 6 weeks ago, stopped, and has now reversed field. Tough sledding for a guy that listened.
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  • Cramer and Jim Rogers always seem to be long something until it heads south. Then, miraculously, they are out of it or short it when somebody asks!
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