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Senator John McCain officially introduces the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 in...

Senator John McCain officially introduces the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013 in Congress in a milestone for the movement toward "a la carte" cable market pricing for consumers. On the floor of the Senate, McCain singled out Comcast's (CMCSA -0.9%) NBC and Disney's (DIS +1.1%) ESPN-ABC family of channels as examples of media concerns forcing consumers to pay for bundled channels they don't want. Analysts think the combined heft of the broadcasting industry stands a good chance of keeping McCain's bill spinning in place. (full bill)
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  • Why doesn't McCain retire?
    9 May 2013, 03:13 PM Reply Like
  • Because he thinks he is great....just ask him
    9 May 2013, 03:29 PM Reply Like
  • an now a word from our corporate masters . . .
    9 May 2013, 03:31 PM Reply Like
  • Hey Johnny how about securing your State's border.
    9 May 2013, 03:33 PM Reply Like
  • Actually this sounds like the first logical bill to come out of Congress in quite a while. So obviously it doesn't have a prayer of passing.
    9 May 2013, 03:33 PM Reply Like
  • How Congress views bills:


    "This makes sense and the people are in support of it. It will have to die in committee lest we have to actually vote on it and show the people who's really in charge."
    9 May 2013, 04:24 PM Reply Like
  • Allowing people to pay for what they use would be the death of many unpopular shows that are pushed down the collective consumer throat.
    9 May 2013, 08:24 PM Reply Like
  • It is about time that someone in Congress thinks about the Rip-offs from the Cable Industry. Specially for Senior Citizens. A La Carte Cable Subscriptions is a must in these times of higher expenses and less Income. Hope Senator McCain is backed by all parties.
    9 May 2013, 11:11 PM Reply Like
  • This was just to get some lobbyists money in their accounts...many donations to campaigns will come out of this....
    10 May 2013, 09:13 AM Reply Like
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