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Knocking stocks for a few points is San Francisco Fed President Williams reiterating his hope QE...

Knocking stocks for a few points is San Francisco Fed President Williams reiterating his hope QE can begin to be tapered this summer and halted by year's end. This is not the first time Williams has said such, but he does reside in the FOMC's dovish camp. He notes even without QE, Fed policy would remain extraordinarily stimulative.
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  • Uh huh.
    16 May 2013, 03:28 PM Reply Like
  • "He notes even without QE, Fed policy would remain extraordinarily stimulative."


    Translation: We will still be active in the markets, directing flows where we think they should go or be taken from.
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  • ZIRP will be in place for a while, maybe a long while
    16 May 2013, 03:40 PM Reply Like
  • More generally, Fed market manipulation...
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  • Congress and the Fed are still giving LOTS of free money to certain industries and picking out winners and losers with or without QE.
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  • A non voting member suggesting QE could end ,like an opposition party in Congress, can say whatever they want since their voting power or lack thereof has no effect.
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  • Yep, just hedging their legacy. When it all unravels they can say "I called for QE to be shut down!"
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  • Hey, this is weird, for some reason the markets fell off a cliff when this guy spoke and are now at the lows of the day.


    Can't be related though - too many SA posters have assured me that the markets are up due to fundamentals and QE has had no effect at all...
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  • Lol, market is a casino disconnected with fundamentals, we all know that...
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  • Wall St robots on mainstream TV saying no inflation, US economy recovery going very well across the board and Fed about to exit QE and that's why the market is going up. I disagree obviously. I think lots of industries are getting free money and if they weren't those industries would be in trouble too. Lots of liquidity from global QE, flight capital, etc also going into the markets. Keynesians are also repeating on TV that the bond market is a free market but central banks are buying the majority of the bonds to suppress interest rates.
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  • Robotic Fedspeak from Mr. Williams:


    "Of course, eventually we will adjust our policy stance back toward normal levels. When we do, it will be because changing circumstances have made an adjustment the best way to lead us toward our mandated goals of maximum employment and price stability. We recognize that much is uncertain when it comes to the economy, and we’ve thought a great deal about how best to manage our exit from these unconventional policies. I am confident that we will succeed in doing so."
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  • They've helped talk commodity prices down a ton. Silver is now selling below the all in production cost for many primary silver miners and gold is now selling for below the all in production cost for a small but growing amount of primary gold miners. We are getting subsidized metal to buy and take out of the system at these prices.
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  • I'd say they did a little more then talk the price of metals down. The Fed and the TBTF's are in an all out war to make sure nothing is considered money but the dead presidents
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  • More acting (bad guy good guy chatter) and propaganda being spewed by Fed stooges. The Fed stooges are in a battle for their lives to keep this current system intact and knocking gold /silver as unstable and risky while "king" dollar reins. Nice try guys but you r not fooling emerging market PM buyers. You are actually speeding up the digging of this monetary system grave by allowing emerging Central Bankers to snap up gold at 20-30% lower prices and dramatically increase their gold backing. Great job guys in squandering a huge benefit we had for decades.
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  • They already thought up the next gimmick to be sure!


    But I am tired of all this bluffing every month! Can't end it and they won't . Maybe another fancy name but they will still be printing !!!!
    16 May 2013, 08:17 PM Reply Like
  • But they win and win all the time; they are dealing the cards; they are the house; and like in a casino, their security service is in control, full control.


    Amen and Amen.
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  • Rememeber DON'T FIGHT THE FED !!!


    Holds true every day of every year !!
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  • Until it doesn't.
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  • Ok, point out when it hasn't?
    16 May 2013, 10:36 PM Reply Like
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