Apple (AAPL +1.5%) roundup: 1) Apple has begun selling a $229, 16GB, 5th-gen iPod Touch that...

Apple (AAPL +1.5%) roundup: 1) Apple has begun selling a $229, 16GB, 5th-gen iPod Touch that lacks a rear camera. The rear-camera-sporting 32GB and 64GB models, launched last September, go for $299 and $399. Separately, Jim Dalrymple reports cumulative Touch sales have topped 100M. Total iPod sales fell 20% Y/Y in FQ2 to $962M, which units falling 27% to 5.6M. 2) New patent applications indicate Apple is researching flexible displays in which pressing down acts as an input method, and eye-tracking tech similar to Samsung's Smart Scroll. 3) Wells Fargo is encouraged by supplier Avago's comments about a pending iPhone order ramp, and Goldman recommends buying June $450 calls ahead of the WWDC conference.

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  • rrosey2
    , contributor
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    There has, in the last two days, been a blitz of news about new Apple products. If any of these hit the market, $500 can be reached quickly.
    30 May 2013, 04:39 PM Reply Like
  • WmInce
    , contributor
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    . . . "$500 can be reached quickly." . . .


    How so?
    Talk is cheap.
    On the upside . . . as well as the downside.


    If analysts are disappointed, the stock will tank again.
    This has been proven over and over.
    30 May 2013, 05:37 PM Reply Like
  • mrphil49
    , contributor
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    Apple’s secret is in the OS! It is the important new product.


    Everyone knows that Apple makes new historic markets by re-inventing existing concepts that work seamlessly for a better customer user experience through products that use their OS.


    iPod, iPhone and iPad were all brilliant reinventions of existing ideas.


    Steve Job's/Apple's new creation has been right in front of us for several years but goes un-noticed.


    It is the ability to use multiple devices seamlessly working together to do more than any single device could do by itself.


    The current Apple TV box is an already existing example.
    AirPlay links your TV to your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Apple has used this device to develop the integration that will soon blow away their competition through software and hardware working together allowing vast new markets that would be otherwise technologically too expensive to build today.


    The iWatch will be ground breaking because it will not be doing the heavy lifting. When it talks to your iPhone or iPad, they will be doing the processing and communicating through WiFi or Cellular connections to the internet and people.


    Steve Jobs/Apple noticed that by making a small device that only talks to your larger Apple device which makes the phone calls, accesses your iOS or OS Apps in a package that will need little processing and small power consumption that it will do massive workloads in a user convenient location ... your wrist.


    Apple only needs to put the cell phone pieces into the new iPad Mini to give you a truly comfortable phablet.


    No one wants to hold a huge device up to their head to make a phone call. People don't even want to have to quickly dig out their iPhone to answer a phone call or to send a text message. The iWatch will access your iDevice stashed inside your briefcase, pocket book or back pack to do this. If you thought that anyone was going to stuff all of the components needed for a watch sized device to do all of this work then you just don't get where Apple is about to take us.


    All Apple devices will work in tandem together and the more Apple devices you own, the more you will be able to do. This will open up App development to a new world of uses. Bio integration to your body will be a quick powerful use of the iWatch.
    TV already comes from your MacBook or iPhone or iPad with AirPlay.
    Skype on your iWatch for example.


    Apple understands that quality software integration of multiple devices is the way into Apple working with an unlimited number of devices such as the current car integration already happening.


    Be patient. If the software works as only Apple currently can do, then new devices will sell faster than Apple can make them.
    The key has been the need for new pieces to the puzzle like the new cellular chip that will work on all frequencies and Blue Tooth 4 which is faster, uses much less power and reaches further, is Apple's control of the OS.


    The upcoming WWDC will introduce the OS upgrades that make all of this possible. Products are already coming. The new iPod touch will also be a great Apple TV remote control and it even has a headphone jack to be used with no wires!


    These now useable upgrades and software redesign increases the vastness of possibilities for the Apple Ecosystem.
    30 May 2013, 05:18 PM Reply Like
  • IncomeYield
    , contributor
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    Not sure I liked the tone of the recent comment, "doing a phone right is hard". Hard for who???
    30 May 2013, 10:23 PM Reply Like
  • consultnick
    , contributor
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    Great article! Thank you for your reasoned synthesis of Apple's possibilities--that are only a step away--with looming IOS global software/device integration leading to new levels of enjoyable user experience! If more investors understood this concept, we could move away from their fixation on getting a new earthshaking device to market every quarter!


    What I have always enjoyed about Apple is that they are NOT first to market...Remember...."... the SECOND mouse that gets the cheese"! This is their core strength--the incredible restraint and patience it takes to wait and see what happens in a new market, and then to create the beautiful seamless user experience that takes application to almost undreamed of levels.


    I remember when IBM created the PC Jr. One of my 2 best friends bought one immediately, and a little later on my other friend bought the early Macintosh Classic. It was clear that the IBM product was all but useless to my friend--he couldn't make it do anything, and was severely chagrined. The other friend's career took off like a rocket, as he was suddenly empowered to do desktop publishing on his little Mac--it was a stunning demonstration of how Apple really works. It waits until others have made their mistakes and then steps into the marketplace with an over-the-top devastating product entry, based on user experience.


    More than ever, it is important to keep a lid on what's next--I could see the strained look on Cook's face as he was being needled by Walt Mossburg the other day--he fairly wanted to scream that Apple has some serious firepower being refined, but kept himself disciplined and controlled. Competitors got almost nothing--just enough to rush "pre-knock-off" products into production, which will be incomplete and clunky, and will certainly fail, and Apple will watch like an eagle for flaws of application and user experience, and will subsequently incorporate those lessons into it's launch.


    Cook knew that every competitive ear on the planet was waiting for information that could help accelerate themselves into the marketplace. Very shortly we will see a rush of half-baked devices that will appear to cover every aspect of where others think Apple MAY be going. They will arrive first, and they will be roadkill. Apple will surf their failures, and will give us "what we didn't even know we wanted". That's how it has always happened--why would we expect deviation from a process that has always worked?


    The marketplace--and the investment community--are undergoing a huge adjustment to Cook. After a period of denial and grief over the loss of Jobs, they are realizing that Cook is his own man, and are also starting to see why Jobs groomed him as successor--from a pool of THOUSANDS of brilliant capable talents. This is a unique man with a self-effacing, quiet, unflappable center, who understands the huge scope of running what is arguably the most complex business enterprise on earth, and who ran it while Jobs was living, but slowly dying.


    He has solved the "return of cash to shareholders" dilemma in a masterful manner--even booking a profit on the bond/dividend differential--catching the most vociferous and crafty finance gurus completely off-guard, while seizing control of the moral high ground in the struggle for internationally sensible corporate income reform. In the process, he even got members of congress and senate to stump for Apple products! An amazing feat--where we have come in less than 40 days....Remember when Einhorn was poking at Apple with a judicial stick in court? A spectacular series of masterful moves has put a floor under share prices, and caught the attention of the entire investment community. The chart is improving every day.


    Apple has always been about patience--just wish I'd hung onto what I owned in 2000. It would have been up 2221% at this point--even after its decline from 705! That's why I'm hanging onto what I painfully re-acquired in 2005--it's only up 312%
    30 May 2013, 10:48 PM Reply Like
  • andres636
    , contributor
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    It is the law of the market to more competition from a product should be higher quality and low price, to be too attractive and generate expected consumer expectations.
    1 Jun 2013, 03:51 PM Reply Like
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