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Tech companies may be telling the truth by saying they have not provided the National Security...

Tech companies may be telling the truth by saying they have not provided the National Security Agency with full access to their servers, but they have reportedly taken steps to make data-sharing with the government easier. For example, Facebook (FB) has built a separate and secure portal to which it can deposit data requested by the NSA. Other companies that negotiated with the government include Google (GOOG) Microsoft (MSFT), AOL (AOL) and Apple (AAPL); Twitter has limited its co-operation as much as possible.
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  • Those are companies with international clientele. Not good for business.
    9 Jun 2013, 07:42 AM Reply Like
  • I would like to see Apple resist and confront the U.S. Government as much and as hard as possible in all fights. The U.S. Government is stupid, absurd and corrupt . Resistance to their broken policies will be viewed by many, including my self, as heroic actions. Seen as cooperating with the government in sharing the personal information of users will not leave a favorable impression to Apple users. I get very suspicious of happy handshakes between Government and Business. I seems that business is as often corrupted by government as government is corrupted by business. At any rate it is an unholy alliance.
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  • All data on the cloud now represents a transgression of Client confidentiality.
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  • It's been a Federal law that communication and internet service providers have to provide back doors to US government law enforcement agencies for over a decade. The only thing that's in dispute is for what and when can these access points be used. Prior to 911 it took a court order but now it's an ongoing NSA data mining system. The public can't complain if terrorists aren't apprehended if the public wants complete privacy. Maybe the US should reinstate the draft of everyone at the age of 18 and see how that impacts their silly privacy arguments and debates.
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  • The US cannot draft the entire world.
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  • The fact is the US government has the means to look at anything you have is the truth and no one can stop that. They do not need any companies approval. Remember all your encryption software has a back door for the US government to get to the actual data. I do not know if you can get one with no back door from Europe any more.
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  • It's called BlackBerry.
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  • techy46 has it just right! It seemed rather obvious that the NSA had to track both domestic and foreign voice and computer use in any realistc attempt to thwart terrorism. The judicial oversight of this program provides for reasonable checks and balances. Did people think that the FBI and CIA could identify potential terrorists plots merely out of thin air? What preventative terroist techniques would the civil liberties critcs recommend instead? Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic?
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  • You put too much faith in the government. No govt should have that kind of power over its citizens.


    Freedom is being eroded right under your eyes under the guise of your " safety".


    In the wrong hands that is not good.
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  • You want security and BlackBerry.


    No Government deals,end to end encryption, it's own private network.


    Best system on the planet.


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  • This is an investment website:-)
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  • Re: "The U.S. Government is stupid, absurd and corrupt ."


    Do you have any proof for this statement or is this just how you feel (Glenway Fripp)?


    techy46 makes some good points - there will be compromise here.
    9 Jun 2013, 01:52 PM Reply Like
  • Iran contra affair. Nixon impeachment. Clinton impeachment. War in Iraq under false pretenses. The CIA Supporting the Mujahideen and Osama Bin Laden in their fight to resist the Russian invasion which lead to the rise of the taliban and the most protracted war in our history as repercussions of our abandonment of Afghanistan and of Osama Bin Laden after their victory.Deals with the military and business that lead to results such as $640 toilet seats. The Bailout of the banks and the automotive industry after the financial collapse.That was a biggy. Oh! Not to mention that none of the things I have mentioned are things that were ever voted on directly by the people. They were voted on by our "representatives". No I suppose it is just the way I feel... I love our country but I kinda think our "representative government" is another failed institution.
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  • This logic is very similar to one saying "AAPL fell from $700 to $400 undeserved - see the whole stock market is rigged!!"


    I guess the answer to my question was "no."
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  • Sorry, anything Zuck says about not doing anything related to PRISM I cannot believe - we all saw The Social Network, yes?
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  • I do not trust our government, so I say as little as possible about anything. Are they really just looking for terrorist? I don't know. There is a lot of fear out here, especially now that they will have our medical information. Will the government decide who gets care and who does not--who lives and who dies. The Health and Human Services Secretary said it all when she testified before congress concerning the little girl who needs a lung transplant: "Some will live and some will die."
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  • Orwell 1984 vision is not as fictional as it was in 1949.
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