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Apple (AAPL +0.4%) roundup: 1) Suppliers are shipping a "large number" of parts for a cheaper...

Apple (AAPL +0.4%) roundup: 1) Suppliers are shipping a "large number" of parts for a cheaper iPhone, says Taiwan's Commercial Times. A 28nm app processor made by TSMC (TSM) is said to be among them. 2) iBookstore chief Keith Moerer says Apple's e-book sales doubled last year, and thinks its e-book share is at ~20%. John Paczkowski notes Amazon (AMZN) and Barnes & Noble (BKS) have been assigned shares of 65% and 25% in the past. 3) The minimum purchase needed for an iAd campaign is now only $50. It once stood at $1M. 4) Reuters' report about Apple mulling a $99 price for its low-cost iPhone is raising eyebrows, given the cheapest iPhone now goes for $450 unsubsidized. Was a subsidized price being discussed?
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  • Add to the round-up this CNET article on AAPL's strategy behind iTunes Radio focusing on global distribution and the car: "Yes, iTunes Radio could crush Pandora. But that's just for starters"
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  • wow, first time in a long time that when news of positive development about Apple is not spinned negatively by the news maker.
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  • Yep they def as of late not spinning straw into gold....
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  • Don't hold your collective breath for a cheap iPhone.
    They sold 38 million of the "overpriced" iPhones last quarter FYI.
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  • Kim,


    Not in developing countries they didn't. But they will sell cheap phones there and they won't make them available in developed countries.
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  • analysts are always going to want apple to sell more and more iphones each quarter but Apple is not cheap rubbish, they can last perfectly well for years unlike other phones ive had in the past.


    ps i bought the 3gs about a month after it was released. I am still using it today, the only thing im surprised about is that the screen still hasn't been cracked from all the times i've accidentally dropped it.
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  • With the amount that they are spending on research and design, you would have thought they'd have something more to offer than the refresh of IOS and a cheaper iPhone.......!, we need inspiration and innovation in interactive electronic media....give it to!
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  • Great things take time... Relax.
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  • First time in a long while that positive news on Apple was not met with a drop in share price.
    $99 would be a wonderful price point, in my opinion.
    If Apple is touting a cheaper iPhone, why would this price "raise eyebrows?"


    Will we see something "new" at some point in the near future?
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  • What would be the profit margin on that? Where are the profits going to come from?
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  • $99 phone from Apple will _never_ happen.
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  • Apple is a company that has traditionally thrived by selling overpriced products and reaping rewards in the form of ridiculously high margins, but with samsung gauging them it seems they may finally have to adapt to the demands of the market, the question is can they continue to be successful with a fundamentally different business model?
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  • "by selling overpriced products and reaping rewards in the form of ridiculously high margins"


    there was an article that said an insurance company was replacing its Win XP machines that took 8 minutes to start-up.


    The marketplace sells efficiently what its customers value to pay for them.
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  • "but with samsung gauging "


    I bought a Samsung Series 5 notebook, seriously disappointing, couple of hundreds more next time for a Macbook-- not fully a Windows situation, shoddy materials.
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  • Cheap iPhone and iRadio go together perfectly. Creating an ecosystem that is pretty impressive. Still need some more details however.
    14 Jun 2013, 02:37 AM Reply Like
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