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Visa (V) is suing Wal-Mart (WMT) to stop the retail giant from seeking more damages, rather than...

Visa (V) is suing Wal-Mart (WMT) to stop the retail giant from seeking more damages, rather than accept a $7.25B settlement Visa and MasterCard (MA) agreed to for card interchange fees. Wal-Mart was one of 19 retailers that said last month it would opt out of the settlement, arguing it would "allow credit card companies and big banks to perpetuate an unfair and broken system that costs all consumers."
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  • That is truly "laughable" coming from WalMart. Their comment of "an unfair and broken system that costs all consumers". WalMart has put more small businesses "out of business" than anyone in history!!!!!!!
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  • Most Small businesses put themselves "out of business" ..consumers have a choice and YOU think thats Bad? What was the name of your expensive little store?
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  • Simple---I shop where I get value for my money. Obviously many people do as evidenced by the success of WMT. I too, wonder what the name of the expensive little store was...


    Compete or go home.
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  • Yes Chuck WalMart has really cost me a ton of money over the years. Give me a break. Go join another union. The only reason people like you come out of the woodwork on these subjects is that WalMart employs more Americans than any company on earth and thus desperate unions have them in their cross hares. Mom and Pop's going out of business is not to be laughed at, but many, many people would suffer if they could not turn to WalMart. Boeing did not invent the airplane. They just did it better than a lot of other Mom and Pops.
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  • Walmart's not only helps over 53,000 employees in Georgia but Dunn and Bradstreet states because of Walmart there are over 160,000 additional vendor and services people employed to service Walmart in Georgia.
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  • No company in history has offered more jobs to Americans than the Great Walmart. Yes I agree the pay is not great but how much more drain on taxpayers would it be to all of us if there were not for these jobs. In my opinion the employees of Walmart are fortunate to have a job and if they apply themselves the can make very good money. Some that change oil at Walmart make over $17.00 per hour plus great health insurance as well as matching 401 up to 6%, not to mention the 15% extra they buy for employees that buy stock ever pay period and the 10% discount.......Vacation for three weeks at 7 years and up to 5 weeks. ?????????? How many other companies have over 70% of its Managers that started out as hourly employees?..........Some as cart pushers. Yes I am a Walmart fan and very happy hourly employee. I am a full time employee who works four days a week and has averaged over three months leave in the nine years I have been employed by Walmart. I love being retired and the opportunity to have fun at Walmart........I do enjoy travels in my 40' foot motor coach when off. Please don't diminish such a great company. You may be fortunate as I am one day to enjoy being employed by this Great Company
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  • You guys have me all wrong. Iam not a union guy whatsoever. The reason I do not like WalMart is the way they throw their monsterous weight around. Like backing out of a class action lawsuit against Visa that has already been agreed upon by all partys including the judge. I just don't like how they do business. They are very slow to pay their suppliers. That has been very well documented in many storys. They beat the suppliers to death on their prices. Just not a fan of how they treat people in general. And it is well documented that they pay their people really low wages. If you are happy with them thats OK with me.
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  • I believe they have made many more people cut excess from their operations than any other company. They drive volume. Anyone who goes bankrupt from dealing with them should have walked away before accepting their deal. If one is foolish enough to let anyone own or control you without investing in you that is not their fault but only ones own. This is America and if you do not like them, or Home Depot, or Lowes, or any other company large or small all you have to do is to vote with your feet and walk into another store. The majority have spoken and it is why Walmart is where they are, and Apple, and Microsoft, and Toyota etc.etc.
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  • several points from the comments here. Walmart provides jobs?; at minimum wage and with a questionable history of who and why gets promoted. small mom and pop businesses go out of business to walmart not because they do it with higher margins but because walmart muscles its suppliers (or bribes) to the point small business cannot. as to excess cut from other business to compete, that excess cut is medical insurance and retirement that walmart does not provide most of its employees anyway.
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  • This company which "does not pay it's employees adequately", has probably turned more hourly employees into millionaires than any company in the world. I vote we let WalMart take over Washington DC.
    14 Jun 2013, 05:12 PM Reply Like
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