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Yahoo's (YHOO -0.3%) video business is "growing a lot" and is a top priority for the company,...

Yahoo's (YHOO -0.3%) video business is "growing a lot" and is a top priority for the company, says Marissa Mayer during a Reuters conference talk. Reuters reports Yahoo, prevented by the French government from acquiring Dailymotion, is still bidding for Hulu, but other reports have indicated a Hulu/DirecTV deal is imminent. Mayer adds growing traffic is a bigger near-term priority than improving monetization (Tumblr definitely helps with the former), says Yahoo will remain "an ad company" even as it tries "some other things," and boasts of creating a system that has eliminated 700 unnecessary processes at the company. "I think we can all figure out how to use a treadmill without an orientation."
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  • MadAsHellAnd
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    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love American Business Managers


    In an intelligent civilization, someone would say, "Hey, let's spend pennies to train employees on safety and hygiene and proper procedures to not tear the treadmill unit up in the first month. On security, locking out hoodlums during night usage. We'll even leverage training on ALL exercise units in a cheap and painless 15 minute orientation, REQUIRED before using the equipment."


    Just like each and every other professional exercise operation does today and has been doing for decades.


    Or, wait! How about the fast food, short term, quick - fix - to - this - quarter's - financials approach? Bottom line: waiting for the investment world's epiphany that she is essentially lipstick on a pig. Intelligent, well intentioned lipstick.


    Disclosure: way short YHOO. Way.
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  • deercreekvols
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    They may have figured out the treadmill at Yahoo, but they haven't figured out how to have their website be less than a tabloid.
    Spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and not an editor in site. Why any business advertises on Yahoo is beyond me.


    Ms. Mayer's answer to these problems?
    Let's go buy something....again.


    When will the Board at Yahoo realize what they have gotten themselves into?
    21 Jun 2013, 07:47 PM Reply Like
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