America loves its iPhones and iPads, but Mike Daisey and Nicholas Kristof remind us that the low...

America loves its iPhones and iPads, but Mike Daisey and Nicholas Kristof remind us that the low prices of the devices and the high profit margins of Apple (AAPL) are possible because of labor practices that would be illegal in the U.S. Daisey assumes Apple, obsessed as it is with details, must know about the 16-hour days and the $0.70/hour - or, if they don't, they just don't want to know.
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  • Yokyok
    , contributor
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    they know and they don't give a crap. they just want your money.
    20 Jan 2012, 05:48 PM Reply Like
  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    Don't ever ever ask the question that you really really don't want to know the answer to!


    It never ceases to amaze me that all the Occupy Wall Street types who bash corporate greed, all love and own apple products. Why they think Steve Jobs, and his obsession with profits, was different than any other CEO I'll never understand.
    20 Jan 2012, 05:57 PM Reply Like
  • alpharox
    , contributor
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    Of course they know - do you think they go around handing out multimillion dollar contracts without checking out who's promising to supply them?
    20 Jan 2012, 06:00 PM Reply Like
  • ktodack
    , contributor
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    Who is the source of the 16 hour, .70 cent per hour wages? Are too many too quick to believe what may have been true years ago. We need to be accurate about our criticism. Apple has been making an honest attempt at insuring contract workers decent wages and work conditions.
    20 Jan 2012, 06:14 PM Reply Like
  • 215304
    , contributor
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    Amazon, Motorola, and all the major electronics manufacturers use the same contract manufacturers to assemble their products. So don't paint this as an Apple only affair. In fact, Apple is making major strides in righting this situation, unlike Amazon and others. The following was from Yahoo earlier this week: "Apple is also the first technology company to join the Fair Labor Association, a group that aims to improve working conditions worldwide and abolish sweatshops. Over the next couple of years, Apple will step up its efforts to make sure its suppliers abide by their standards."
    20 Jan 2012, 06:56 PM Reply Like
  • Hubert Biagi
    , contributor
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    Spare me your sanctimonious BS. Steve Jobs has done more to outsource jobs than any other CEO in history. With 60,000 employees, AAPL has managed to top the market cap of JPM, BAC, WFC, and C combined. Those four banks employ over a million people. So while you're all busy demonizing the financial, energy, and healthcare industries, just remember who creates jobs, and I'm not talking Chinese. I really hope you're all enjoying your magical "Isomething" experience, because AAPL is the poster child for irresponsible corporate governance. I've been involved with chip designs for AAPL, and they are slave drivers; a closed culture full of arrogant narcissists. I highly doubt anyone there gives a crap what happens at Foxconn, including Jobs himself.
    20 Jan 2012, 09:03 PM Reply Like
  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    As I said above, why Apple has this God like appeal to phony OWS people is beyond me. Jobs was a profit driven freak but gets a pass from the liberal MSM.
    20 Jan 2012, 09:41 PM Reply Like
  • clhanes
    , contributor
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    Some of the comments are more balanced than the reporting! Why is negativism more intriguing to readers or at least to writers who want to catch an audience.


    On what basis does the writer publish this kind of gibberish?
    20 Jan 2012, 07:10 PM Reply Like
  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    To get a response.
    20 Jan 2012, 08:01 PM Reply Like
  • ItsAllGreek
    , contributor
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    The snippet failed to mention that Henry Blodget (notorious Apple short) spearheaded that headline. The fact that all electronics are built off the same sweat is conveniently relegated to a hastily added amendment at the bottom of the article.
    20 Jan 2012, 07:57 PM Reply Like
  • Tack
    , contributor
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    Only in politically-correct America does anybody believe that $10- or $20-hour jobs are some God-given right, rather than a privelege.
    20 Jan 2012, 10:20 PM Reply Like
  • berylrb
    , contributor
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    Oh and add to the list HP, Dell etc ... Don't reduce this too an Apple issue, nor just a tech issue our demand for cheap goods in every sector is what sustains $0.70/hrs and 18 hr days
    21 Jan 2012, 12:36 AM Reply Like
  • MarkS2002
    , contributor
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    Hubert Biagi, how many items in your home (and especially your closet) were made in Asia? Be honest, now. I fail to see any other report than Apples about these issues. As far as OWS, wyostocks, show me one item by the brothers Dell or Bill Gates defending their point of view. It really doesn't matter whose phone you are using. All of these companies represent the 1%, just like you. Even Jobs had dealings with Murdoch and he is just about as evil as any one person can be.
    21 Jan 2012, 02:29 AM Reply Like
  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    What the hell are you ranting about?
    21 Jan 2012, 03:57 PM Reply Like
  • macluvin
    , contributor
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    As cheap as the labor sounds, in some places around the world, that salary can go a long way. Not sure what it is around that area, but it's something to consider in your arguments.


    What's the law about how many hours you can work in a day over there anyway?
    21 Jan 2012, 04:25 AM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    I don't mind if my clothes are made by slaves, but it really ticks me off to think that my iPhone is made by slaves.
    21 Jan 2012, 07:45 AM Reply Like
  • The Ugly Truth
    , contributor
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    Let me guess...Mike and Nick have never ever bought anything made outside of the good ol U S of A...
    21 Jan 2012, 02:51 PM Reply Like
  • dividend_growth
    , contributor
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    When it comes down to their own money, those whiners usually abandon their principles quicker than anyone else.
    21 Jan 2012, 03:40 PM Reply Like
  • Neil459
    , contributor
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    The reason Apple and others manufacturer overseas (and therefore use cheap labor) is that people (you, I, all the corporate haters, and the occupy street crowd) would not pay 3x for an iPad, iPod etc.


    Anyone that does not like it, has only themselves to blame for not wanting to pay for US manufacturing.


    If you want that manufacturing back in the US, then vote to force the politician's to kill the stupid laws, and lets get back to freedom and Capitalism. If you don't like the labor laws in China then move to China and protest.
    21 Jan 2012, 04:49 PM Reply Like
  • wyostocks
    , contributor
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    Nothing wrong with paying the prevailing local wage. That is why people in New York make more than people in, say, Mississippi. The local cost of living is also different in both places.
    And, Yes, I want to pay the lowest price possible assuming the quality is consistant.
    21 Jan 2012, 07:07 PM Reply Like
  • anonymous#12
    , contributor
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    Hilarious how those who protest because of corporate greed use and purchase apple products....


    Steve Jobs was very greedy, just like Dimon, Blankfein and Pandit are.


    APPL has always been a very oppressive corporation with it's workers. This is nothing new.


    I am not saying corporations making a lot of money is bad, what I am reflecting is on the ignorance of the masses.
    21 Jan 2012, 10:27 PM Reply Like
  • f16flyer1983
    , contributor
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    Blame the company in China that is paying the .70 cents per hour not the company contracting the product. Companies in the Philippines and Indonesia are undercut by China when they compete for those contracts. Indonesians and Filipinos would dearly love to have those jobs, but the factory in China undercuts those countries on the labor cost. If you really want an eye opener on cheap labor look at what Mayanmar and Cambodian's are willing to work for...there are no jobs in those countries.
    21 Jan 2012, 11:36 PM Reply Like
  • Bill West
    , contributor
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    correct salary is $17/day for a 12 hr. day, 6 days a week


    $1.40 per hour.........
    23 Jan 2012, 04:41 PM Reply Like
  • Bill West
    , contributor
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    Do yourself a favor and read the NYT article about the manufacturing and re-engineering process of the iPhone and critical differences in the process .....
    23 Jan 2012, 04:47 PM Reply Like
  • Jaayd
    , contributor
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    It would be helpful to see a survey of the employees making .70 per hour. How many of them were making that much in their previous job ? (if they had one) They work 16 hour days in order to take care of their family. Their government is definitely not doing anything.


    How many hours per day does a GOOD reporter work? I bet it's closer to 16 than 8.
    23 Jan 2012, 04:58 PM Reply Like
  • Neil459
    , contributor
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    jaayd, there are no good reporters, they just copy what comes over the fax, and they can do that before they take their noon to 8 pm break.
    23 Jan 2012, 06:54 PM Reply Like
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